Kombo: Ed Harris, Gary Oldman Voicing Black Ops - Suggests Continuation of [email protected] Story

Kombo writes: Oldman voiced actor Sgt. Reznov in World at War, which suggest that Black Ops's story is a continuation of World at War's.

When we sat down with Josh Olin to ask him about Black Ops we asked whether Kiefer Sutherland would be back, he said no, and added, "and his character won't be back, he died at the end of World at War." He added that unprompted when we made no suggestion that that would be a possibility .

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RogueCheddar2998d ago

That's pretty epic, actually..

joeyda2998d ago

Nice, connecting the dots. Kiefer Sutherland was epic for World at War. Gary Oldman? Sweet.

mushroomwig2998d ago

Jack Bauer you say? During that game did he should 'Dammit!' by any chance? :P

big_silky2998d ago

Get me everyone!
Everyone sir?

Bathyj2998d ago

Ha, I was going to say the exact same line. Have a bubble.

Anyone who doesnt understand. clearly doesnt like Mozart.

Cevapi882998d ago

or Beethoven for that matter

Bathyj2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

You bastard. You got me. You cant make any mistakes on the internet.

I must have thought it was whiteboy day.

Clearly you deserve a bubble too.

angryjedi2998d ago

Awesome cast! Pity the story doesn't interest me in the slightest :)

Akagi2998d ago

Yeah, but I like Oldman.

joeyda2998d ago

Bet the story is better than the one in MW2.


SexyPrawns2998d ago

I'm so tired of everyone hating the MW2 story! It was awesome! I don't care if it's slightly unrealistic. It was well written, well casted, and the set pieces/production values were only bested by Uncharted 2 at the time. So great!

JeffGrubb2998d ago

Ed Harris is the manliest man to ever man up the screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.