Digital Battle: Metroid Other M Review

Digital Battle: The last Metroid game on the Wii was the excellent Metroid Prime Corruption, followed by a re-release with a bundle which included the previous two GameCube titles. But those were first person shooters, the latest Metroid game is actually a side scroller, like Metroid in the good ‘ol SNES days. Does it work as good? That’s debatable what’s not debatable is that it’s still Metroid, and it’s still excellent.

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gamelova2699d ago

I can't believe they marked it down for having no multiplayer.

na-no-nai2699d ago

omg that stupid. so far i tried it and damm that one damm as good shit to play. i was awe as i played it but the control still need to be used to but gosh i love it so far.

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