Duke Nukem Forever Coming This Year

Speakeasy writes : "The game is currently expected to ship in 2010 although given it’s history Pitchford is understandably reluctant to be more specific"

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tdogg060519912944d ago

Polish it a bit more and put it our next year. Black Ops will kill you.

JohnApocalypse2944d ago

I agree. There are too many FPSs coming out this fall

Brewski0072944d ago

If it was any more polished it'd slip outta the console. Its fine bring it out now. As far as i'm concerned, black ops and medal of honor are designed to be realistic war shooters, while duke nukem sticks it to the man with un-matchable witty one liners and pure fun. Screw it, Duke Nukem Forever cant come sooner now. Been too long.

MasterChief36242944d ago

This article is confusing. It says at first: "Gearbox hopes to release the game next year.", but then near the bottom they say that it will be shipping this year.

Contradictions. They suck :(

Kingdom Come2944d ago

We dont know how long Gear Box have been working on the game and they didnt make it from scratch, they added to what had already been developed for over a Decade...
Besides, even if they did give it another year, they would just be bad mouthed, as would the franchise and they would be insulted for not bringing it out sooner.
It would seem as though its a lose/lose situation, people are going to complain either way...

tdogg060519912944d ago

Hey I am so antsy for this game, but sales matter and it won't sell if it comes out. I want it to sell thats what matters.

Mista T2944d ago

Duke Nukem can easily get rid of Black Ops. he's gonna sh*t down its neck :P

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Kal11382944d ago

Why not actually read the article you're submitting before posting it?

"Gearbox hopes to release the game next year."

MasterChief36242944d ago

Except that in the last paragraph, they contradict themselves and say that it's shipping this year. :\

lastdual2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

To be fair, the article actually contradicts itself. In the 3rd paragraph, it says:

"Gearbox hopes to release the game next year."

and then in the last paragraph:

"The game is currently expected to ship in 2010"

Probably a typo by the article's author. 2011 is much more likely.

Kal11382944d ago

Just a mistake from the article. He probably checked the last part for a release date. Either way, all other articles mention next year.

scm2ejm2944d ago

Lol, this is an April Fools joke (it is April, right?)

Hoje03082944d ago

After 13 years of bullshit, I'll believe it when it's actually in my hands.

AssassinHD2944d ago

Yeah seriously. Even when I get it in my hand I am going to be suspicious. I might have to get a couple of hours into the campaign before it really sinks in.

Nac2944d ago

And Save Duke Nukem Forever!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.