Tom Clancy's EndWar: First look

Described as an action wargame, it revolves around a conflict brought about just after 2020. By creating a joint nuclear defence system with Europe, the United States has effectively put an end to Russia's nuclear deterrent, and the sleeping bear, sitting on a large portion of the world's ever-diminishing oil stocks, is not best pleased. Following the sabotage of one of the US's further attempts to launch military equipment into space, it all kicks off, with the three sides scrapping over a world-wide battlefield...

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Staircase4052d ago

Now let's just hope this game comes out before 2020.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

i was a bit downed when i learned it was an RTS though. i thought it was gonna be an awesome MMOFPS where everyone fights and all that in intense, huge battles that could go on for months. THAT would have been my cup of tea.

Rowland4051d ago


We'll see.