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jazzking20012942d ago

WOWIE... confirmed
it was god knows confirmed how many yrs or DECADES ago
when you think if game delays... this is the #1 example to us
i lost my interest for it yrs ago

FiftyFourPointTwo2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

You lost your interest but you're the first to comment..... -__-'

evrfighter2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

he's struggling to contain the joy inside.

The king is back

Brewski0072942d ago

Hahah i NEVER ever Forever thought i'd see the day!!
Goooooo Duke!!!.
Yes!!...Now all you need to do is make it totally epic please, thanks ! :)

lociefer2942d ago

NOW its time to kick ass
be sure to bring bubblegums every1

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darthv722942d ago

I could say I lost interest in GT5 because of the long dev time but as it gets closer and closer to interest begins to perk up again.

Same with this game. DNF dropped off the radar but not the wish list. Now it is coming back, that will be one wish I can say was granted.

Unless............nah I dont want to jinx it.

STK0262942d ago

I still wonder why people are so happy about DNF coming out, considering it's being finished by Gearbox. I had interest in this game until 3DRealms went under, seeing the project finished by Gearbox only makes me believe they rushed the project to please 2K and probably sucked out the soul of the game while doing so. Until I see some videos showing this is DNf like it was intended to be by the 3DRealms team, it's pretty hard for me to be excited by this.

LordMarius2942d ago


For all it could just turn out to be another mediocre shooter. Show me some gameplay

orange-skittle2942d ago

Game's not done, so why are being negative. It's not even coming out this year.

Rekyyli2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

about 2020 summer.

Okey, maybe little too optimistic.

himdeel2942d ago

...I mean seriously 2020 is just silly man talk.

avengers19782942d ago

Duke Nukem' forever=the amount of time we've been waiting for this game.

vhero2942d ago

Duke Nukem Forever is the release date though people.. Haven't you got this by now?? :p. It's got the right name at least but would be nice to see a Duke game again even though it would probably fail in this day and age of gaming.

EvilBlackCat2941d ago

So who is the king of delays? GT5 or Duke Nukem?

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ingiomar2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

And the crowd goes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

spektical2942d ago

wow, its actually coming.

bratman2942d ago

thats what she said......wait a minute :/

showtimefolks2942d ago

i hope they do this game its due justice and hopefully take-two will take care of this franchise like they do with all their others

lastdual2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Gearbox is the only reason I have hope for this game.

I had given up on the Duke and become rather apathetic to the franchise altogether, but a quality developer like Gearbox may just be enough to revitalize the series.

...only downside is that this means we'll probably have to wait longer for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

BTW, live stream: