Sony Exclusives Cheaper Than Other Games In UK

The normal RRP(Recommended Retail Price) for games in the United Kingdom is £49.99 for the Playstation 3. Online game retailers such as Play, Gameplay and ShopTo have updated their prices to reflect the PS3 exclusives as £39.99 RRP. This includes Warhawk(with headset), Heavenly Sword and Lair

It is worth noting that despite these RRP you can buy games online for £39.99 instead of the RRP of £49.99 and these Sony exclusive games are available online for £32.99 instead of the RRP of £39.99. This makes them £7.00 cheaper than all other new games coming onto the market.

Could this be a promotion by Sony to promote the exclusive games you can only buy on the PS3? Will these prices help sell more consoles?

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Vip3r4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I got Resistance and Motorstorm in ASDA at launch for £34.74 which was great considering others 3rd party games were about £45.

MaximusPrime4056d ago

i saw that pricing earlier today.

ChoiceUK was my first choice but it was a little higher than

I was surprised to see offered Warhawk game with bt headset for just £32.
I will preorder 2 weeks prior to release date.

Rama262854056d ago

You might as well pre-order with whoever now. What companies usually do is with pre-orders is you're guaranteed the price at the point you buy, so if they price goes up you still get it at the lower price. On top of that, if the price goes down even more, you get it at the cheaper price.

Win win situation :)

MaximusPrime4056d ago

Cheers dude. I've preordered with ;)

PS: i already got bt headset so i will sell this one on ebay. lol

LSDARBY4056d ago

I doubt its got anything to do with Sony, games with RRP of £50 sell for £40 on the net.

Rama262854056d ago

I agree, games with RRP of £50 do sell for £40 on the net (but not on the highstreet) - but these exclusive games have a RRP of £40 and are selling for £33. That's cheaper than all the other games.

suedester4056d ago

The RRP for first party games has been £39.99 since the PS3s launch. It's not suddenly dropped from £49.99.

Rama262854056d ago

It's true R:FOM and Motorstorm have a RRP of £39.99, but when they first came out they were selling for that price online as well as on highstreet stores. They then later dropped to a lower price of £29.99 or £32.99 (depending where you go). These very anticipated games are STARTING at £32.99.

Surely a tactical move by Sony.

Marty83704056d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I pre-ordered 'Ninja Gaiden Sigma' for £34 from ASDA which RRP is £49 still. Also have got Lair, Warhawk(with HS) & Heavenly Sword on pre-order £32 each. PS3 costing me alot lately in games even thou I'm buying them off net.

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The story is too old to be commented.