Xbox 360 tops 1 million in UK according to leaked figures

Official Chart-Track figures for the UK from last June have been leaked on the web, revealing that more than 1.1 million Xbox 360s have been sold since it launched back in November 2005.
Said figures, rumoured to have originally been posted on the NeoGAF Forums, today featured on GameCentral's pages, on Teletext on Channel 4, and refer to total hardware sales for the three next-gen systems in the UK up until June this year.

According to the figures, 1,193,088 Xbox 360s had been sold in the UK at that point, compared to 618,278 Wiis and just 281,977 PlayStation 3s.

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Anything but Cute4057d ago

and PS3 did it first. You think at some point 360 is gonna top 1 million in Japan but not till 5 years. XBOX 360 sucks balls.

360Sheep4057d ago

no well actually, there has only been 330,000 ps3s sold in the uk, there over one million sold in the EU regions.

sak5004057d ago

Did you bother reading the 2nd para of the article idiot or were you teabagging Ken and missed the ps3s number? PS3s only sold 216K units in UK quite a bit low from your "YEAH so did pS3" number.

sak5004057d ago

Did you bother reading the 2nd para of the article idiot or were you teabagging Ken when you only saw the 360s number?

jromao4057d ago

Sales average:

360 = 56 K / month
PS3 = 70 K / month

this sales average proof PS3 is growing in UK and next two months will also be big for PS3, seems interesting when we check again this numbers after 3 months.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4057d ago

The guy below you just owned you, just though you should know.

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360Sheep4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

aha see there, another reason why you can't trust vgcharts. Vgcharts has 1.26 million 360s being sold in the uk so far, so again, when you see vgcharts, you always have to decrease the 360s units sold

hahaha disagree all you want sheep... numbers don't lie

xfrgtr4057d ago

"Official Chart-Track figures for the UK from LAST JUNE have been leaked on the web",so VGCHARTS IS RIGHT

Shadow Flare4057d ago

...almost 2 years on the market....and 1.1 million 360's have been sold in the UK? So in it's 5 year life cycle it'll sell around 3-4 million in the UK? That's crap!

Nemesis4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Sales figures are only upto June. Meaning the 360 sold just a shade under 1.2 million units in 18 months, not 2 years. Stop distorting the figures to suit your own agenda.

"So in it's 5 year life cycle it'll sell around 3-4 million in the UK?"

No. The 360 has yet to reach a mass market pricepoint in the UK. When it does, sales will increase, just as they do with any consumer product.

Shadow Flare4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

forgive me optimus, i missed the part that said June

But for the record, xbox and gamecube sales didn't rocket once they reached 'mass market pricepoint'. It depends on the product itself and beyond Halo 3, i don't see alot of big hitters

My regards to the phantom disagreer

San anto4057d ago

i agree its takin some time to reach 1.2mil.
considerin the ps3 has only been out since march its sales are doin well.

Nemesis4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Xbox sales did increase significantly once the price dropped to below £200. I can't quote any official sales figures because, frankly, it's late and I can't be arsed to go looking! I'm basing this purely on my own personal experience of all the people I know that bought them.

Before the price drop I knew only one person with an Xbox. But after the price drop, I can think of at least 20 people I know personally that bought them. This has to be at least partially representative of the broader demographic.

Remember, the Xbox sold around 40 million over 4 years. If what your saying was true, that would mean the Xbox was selling around 10 million a year.

Regarding the Gamecube. That was just a complete failure in the UK. I don't know a single person who bought one. Not even after the price was reduced to around £80.

KingME4057d ago

Base on the way your closed mind does the numbers, with the 281,977 ps3 sold in the last nine months in the "UK" and once again using your theory, in "10 years" the ps3 would have only sold 3.75 million in the "UK". Also, that would be 751,938 units in the same 2 years it took the 360 to get to 1.1 million. Which is actually more ambition that past trends lead one to beleive. Do you still think that's crap?

Or does your FANBOY theories only apply to the XBOX360? So, as you can see your theory is non scientific and immature.

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MaximusPrime4057d ago

1 million? thats slow.

in a year time, the figure will barely move. customers will quit xbox 360 and defect to PS3 or Wii while few new customers will join xbox 360.

Nemesis4057d ago

***Copy/Paste into Notepad***
Expect me to quote you on that a year from now.

Bloodmask4057d ago

is because Sony hyped the PS3 to no end. So everyone bought it at launch in the UK.

Sony promised all the launch games would be far "superior" to anything the 360 could ever offer. After consumers realized it was all a lie when they saw the actual games looked no better than 360. Sales fell by 82% the following week and have been poor ever since.

It is no suprise to me that 360 does well in the UK. Just release quality games and let them speak for themselves. Don't base your marketing off of deception and degrading the competition.

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