Gamespot: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep provides good value for your money. Slashing through all three story strands may take you 25 hours or more, and the command boards and additional modes provide reasons to return once you've left the story behind. It's unfortunate that Birth by Sleep relies so much on repetition and that a few foibles from the series remain largely untouched. These and a few other woes hold this PSP exclusive back from greatness, but vibrant visuals and snazzy, evolving combat will likely charm fans and newcomers alike into forgiving most of the flaws. Birth by Sleep harbors few surprises, but it's a fun and comfortable addition to a quality series.

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Cloudberry3023d ago

I haven't played it yet but...

Didn't expect this score... : /

Abash3023d ago

Long load times and frame rate drops as part of the bad. Did they realize they can install the game to improve the general performance?

Arnon3023d ago

Why should that negate the fact that the problem is still present?

sinncross3023d ago

Because the problem has a solution.

They aren't doing their jobs properly as journalists/ critics if they clearly omit the fact that a user can do this.

Redempteur3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

well they said that it doesn't solve the problem totally

"Most notably, the long load times are a real drag, even if you select the full install option from the main menu."

GuruStarr783023d ago

Gamespot has always scored the KH games a little lower than expected......I've played both of the PS2 games and thought that they were 9-9.5 games, whereas they scored them lower (in the 8s if I recall) its no different with this game....the only KH I played that I disliked was the one on the DS, mostly due to the limitation of the system, 2D titles seem to work better on the DS, like the castlevania games.

3023d ago
ps360owner093023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

A 7.5 from gamespot and a 8.5 from Ign. His game seems to be falling in line with Final Fantasy 13 review wise so far.

Edit) I guess I now know I should pick up Valkyria Chronicles 2 over this.

Da One3023d ago

They're the first to rate it this low....

maruyuki3023d ago

they just give it bad scores because they want to try and stand out

ps360owner093023d ago

I'm not saying 7.5 is bad for a game I'm just saying that as much as people here hype up Nomura this game should be getting consistently higher reviews than what Final Fantasy 13 got since most people on this site like to hate on that game so much and claim that anything Nomura has a major role in will be better than FF 13.

Da One3023d ago

But Nomura realistically never gets the credit he deserves

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