TGV: Vanquish: Velocity Attack demo impressions

Kyle at The Gaming Vault throws in his two cents about Platinum's demo of fast-paced third-person shooter Vanquish.

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borisfett2698d ago

To call this game stunning would be an understatement.

Sidology2698d ago

I think we have a contender for my personal Game of the Year.

The worst part is, Platinum is contending against itself! Bayonetta is my other choice!

borisfett2698d ago

Same. It's gonna be either of the two.

Or maybe LittleBigPlanet.

deadreckoning6662698d ago

For me, GOTY will be Vanquish or BC2.

Natsu X FairyTail2698d ago

Bayonetta got one of the best Fighting schemes ever. It's fluid the camera doesnt f1ck up like alot of games. I've been playing the Vanquish demo over and over again for the past few days. I'm buying it 1st week. thats for sure.

DelbertGrady2698d ago

Too many good games this year for me to just call out one or two.


you can tell it's been a long year with lots of great games... people are already forgetting Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3, and then there is Red Dead, heavy Rain.. it's been a long year with a long list of great games.

still i think the best is yet to come, and Vanquish looks to be a great game.

love the syle and theme.

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crematory2698d ago

is the most advanced combat system in gaming history,i'm almost addicted i bought bayonetta official guide from couple of days back i'm impressed with the things i can do still , for vanquish i hop so have same level with unlocks and replay value like bayonetta as i already pre ordered

really those kind of games is a proof single player can be much more fun that multiplayer games

Sidology2698d ago

I really enjoyed the diversity of Bayonetta, and I hope that Vanquish offers the same kind of variety in gameplay as Bayonetta did.

Although, I hope it's not TOO much like Bayonetta, but Platinum/Clover have more than proven that they're able to handle more than one kind of project.

Yi-Long2698d ago

... this has been a stunning year, with some groundbreaking stuff. Great time to be a gamer! (apart from the whole DLC-crap that's going on...)

Simon_Brezhnev2698d ago

TBH its way 2 many GOTY contenders GOW3, Heavy Rain, ME2, Vanquish, Halo Reach, LB2, and GT5. I really dont know who will win it got a strong feeling its going to be Halo Reach or GT5 since their the most wanted and you know how the media are.

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xyxzor2698d ago

I wasn't really a fan of the demo. This game seems way to overrated. Aside from the eye-catching gameplay there's nothing astonishing about it. I liked the write-up. Good job!

Sidology2698d ago

Play it again, man, and this time don't concentrate too much on running and gunning and more on the experimentation aspect of it.

Yi-Long2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

... sliding up to an assaillant, kick him, and from the backflip start shooting him, etc etc.
Ow, and don't forget about getting in one of those mechs...

Anyway, I really liked the demo, even though I'm playing on an old crappy non-HD tv...

I also LOVE the fact that you can choose to play with the japanese voices and english subs. I wish more japanese developers would include that option.

Herminator2698d ago

Yeah, I wasn't 100% sold either. I'll give it another go, but it didn't grab me instantly like it seemed to do for some people.

Yi-Long2698d ago

... but I kept giving it a chance, and once it 'clicks', it clicks :)

I just hope that complete game will have lots of diversity and nice music and a cool story etc etc... but gameplay-wise, I kinda like it.

Not sure if it will become 'boring' after a few levels, but considering the creator, I have good hope it won't disappoint me.

Don't think I'll be buying this when it comes out though. I still have a massive backlog I need to play (plus getting RDR in a few hours...), and in the coming months I'll probably pick up FIFA11 and Naruto UNS2, so I can wait... :)

holdmedownma20082698d ago

This game is nice, day one buy for me. I'm still amaze how that machine transformed into that walking behemoth. Excellent, pure excellency.

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