Kinect and Move: From Vision to Retail

David Galindo of Gamasutra writes: "As we near this holiday season, Microsoft and Sony are starting to gear up their retail plans for a battle of motion control peripherals. It was just a year ago at E3 2009 that MS and Sony gave the public their first view of “Natal” and “Sony Motion Controller,” with both giving their pitches at their own conferences."

"Now that the official, final tech specs have come out for both devices as they near their shipping date to retail, I thought it would be interesting to go back and see just how close Kinect/Move came to their original visions. I’ll be comparing what we know about motion control now verses what we saw in the concept and tech demos just a year ago."

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Dark_Energy3025d ago

I know which one will win the guessed right the one that customers think will purchase not some bullshit for game companies just the general public.

OmarsAccount3025d ago

I don't see myself getting Move or Kinect. Most likely I'll get Kinect before Move, but that's just because my family would love it. The move has many core titles, but it's just not for me just yet..

yewles13025d ago

"Despite a few completely unlikely scenarios, the original concept trailer has been pulled off rather admirably by Kinect. And while launch games might not use a majority of these features, it’s definitely within Kinect’s power to do so when devs find a way to use them. The launch day of Kinect might not have the gee-whiz feeling that Move has been able to accomplish with their tech, but it’ll certainly be an original experience that will draw even more people to the casual side of videogames…and the more people that play and buy games with us, the better."


Soldierone3025d ago

I can tell you the life cycle so far

MS - "Hmm we are losing third parties left and right and running out of resources we need a spark. Oh hey the Eye Toy! Sony forgot to market it and support it well, lets recreate it and call it the next big thing thats never been done! We can add some bs feature and pretend Eye doesnt exist!"

Sony " Everyones going motion, might as well cash in on it while it lasts. Lets take Eye Toy, evolve it, and give players the absolute best experience they ever had. No worries about Kinect, they are just ripping off what we did last generation."