Yakuza 4 Release date ( PS3 ) for UK and US: March 15 2011

It’s official. Sega just announced details about their next hottest game. The Yakuza 4 release date is now set. As a Japan exclusive, it’s a very good news hearing that the developer will bring the game to US and UK also. Sega has only good things to say about this latest sequel, which will be a PS3 exclusive.

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SerbanSilviu3023d ago

FInally a clear date. Until now the only thing known was Spring 2011. March 15 gives me hopes.

Simon_Brezhnev3023d ago

lol they sure putting it around a crowded month.

raztad3023d ago


SEGA must enjoy see their best games to fail.

Acquiescence3022d ago

ON THE SAME DAY AS FINAL FLIPPIN' FANTASY 13! If Sega are satisfied enough with the Western sales of number 3 then really, how bad is number 4 gonna have it. And that's not even considering that this time no features have been cut and the series will have accumlated a more of a fanbase.

Cloudberry3022d ago

Before God Of War 3 & the crazy contents cut.........

We still lucky to get 4 after all...

Excluding the 1 year localization that is...

AlexMyDG3023d ago

They sure do. March will be a great month in 2011.

Cloudberry3023d ago

Here's hoping it wouldn't get head to head with Killzone 3 or Gears Of Wars 3......... >_________>

lastdual3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Killzone is February and Gears is April, so this should fit nicely in-between :)

Also the game is different enough that I doubt it will lose too many sales to competition from shooters.

Cloudberry3023d ago


Well, that's great.

Thanks for the info, BUBBLES+ Helpful.

DigitalRaptor3022d ago

MotorStorm: Apocalypse is coming Feb/March 2011 too so it's gonna be busy, busy!

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The story is too old to be commented.