Bethesda’s Next Game is ‘Pretty Far Along

Fans of Maryland based Bethesda Softworks will hopefully not have to wait much longer to get their hands on the next title from the studio. Speaking at QuakeCon, Todd Howard, Executive Producer and Game Director at Bethesda, mentioned that the studio is making good progress with their next game

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Dark_Energy2943d ago

If it's an Oblivion game I'll run around for hours in celebration but if it's another Fallout game fuck off.

Julie2943d ago

I believe you mean if it's an Elder Scrolls game , i would also be happy if it is a TES game but more like Morrowind , so i agree with yer cat :)

I do like Fallout too and of course i like Oblivion but i had more fun with Morrowind , dunno why :3 but cliffracers were not fun D: lol

MagicAccent2942d ago

Agreed. Give the TES fans some love! We maed Uu!!!

In other news, apperantly a book based on the franchise has recently been released, for you people who dig that kind of stuff.

Bobbykotickrulesz2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )


Also, I think if they added some form of co-op, online or off, and made it something similiar to Borderlands that it could be really fun. I'm not interested in a TES MMO, but some form of online or offline multiplayer could turn out to be excellent.

Of course keep the same story, quests and such. But just add another play. Borderlands did it best IMO.

Anarki2942d ago

Could just play an TES game... Let's hope...

MrAwesome2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Please be Elder Scrolls 5!(I feel like an outcast without a cat pic so here!)

DoctorXpro2942d ago

make it happen*

*whit some and simple online features like trading items.


Julie2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Sorry double posted somehow :(

Well lets use it for something , hmm i am indeed replaying Oblivion with mods, on TesNexus and the ammount of mods is unbelievable anything you can think is already on a mod there, very talented and nice people who share the fun! :)

Droid Control2942d ago

And please offer co-op this time.
Or some form of online play. I never want this game to end...

kingdavid2942d ago

Fk online play.

I will pretty much cry if they announce it as an mmo.

Elder scrolls should be single player only and have a vast world I can just fall into and play by myself. Once you start adding online, it starts to lose its immersion.

Well thats my opinion anyway.

a08andan2942d ago

Ye I agree with you. Would be cool if you could play co-op with one other player if you wanted to :)

Motorola2942d ago

Bethesda ever do an online game?

darkvenom2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Scrolls V PLEASE!

RagTagBnd4452942d ago

I just hope their new game will have the depth of morrowind instead of Oblivion.

JsonHenry2942d ago

Or better yet, the depth of Dagger Fall.

That game came out in the late 90s and it had the largest game world of the series and the most diverse skills.

Hell, I remember being turned into a were-wolf, a were boar, and a vampire. All with the ability to scale vertical walls like spider man. I remember loading up my wagon attached to my horse with stuff I stole in one town then selling it a shop owner in another town for 100% profit without the need for those damn fences.

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The story is too old to be commented.