Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Creator Fumito Ueda Thinks Japanese Animation Best in World

In a talk at CEDEC 2010 revered game designer and Team Ico head Fumito Ueda said that he believes, “great animation is one of the most important advantages the Japanese entertainment industry has over other regions.”

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gillri2996d ago

I agree alot, Uncharted 2, Limbo for example has some awesome animation, but by and large Japanese are the best at it

captain-obvious2996d ago

"Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Creator Fumito Ueda Thinks Japanese Animation Best in World"

just like boobs physics =P

Yi-Long2996d ago

... apart from maybe the Pixar stuff, which is also absolutely great ofcourse, but Japanese animation in both movies as well as in games, is usually of an extremely high standard.

They always take the time to show something small yet realistic. A small tiny movement here, and indication of feeling by a slight change in facial expression there...

It's just quality.

Kos-Mos2996d ago

Jesus I love your comments. Finally people that can see it. Most people in the west is blind.
Disney is of course very good,but Japanese animation rapes all in all western animation by large.

Honest_gamer2996d ago

i will take studio Ghibli over pixar ANYDAY studio Ghibli>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;pixar

BABY-JEDI2995d ago

Their work is soo emotional & their track record is 2nd to none. I love japanease animation (spirited away, castle in the sky, Howl's castle ect) but pixar No. 1

SilentNegotiator2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Anime. Yuck.
("Watching yer girl cartoons again, son? I am disappoint")

Oh, you mean 3D animation. Still...I don't think so, Tim-san.

Aleusia2996d ago Show
lelo2play2996d ago

"Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Creator Fumito Ueda Thinks Japanese Animation Best in World"

No!!!! PIXAR and Walt Disney have the best animation of the world.

MisterNiwa2996d ago

I hope you are kidding son, or else. I am dissapoint.

TotalPS3Fanboy2996d ago

Have you seen the movies of Studio Ghibli?
Have you seen Ghost in the Shell?

Those are some of the best animations ever.

lelo2play2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Yes i have seen Studio Ghibli movies. Now i ask you... have you seen Pixar movies. They have some of the best movies around.

TotalPS3Fanboy2995d ago

I have seen Pixar movies. It still does not compare to Ghost in the Shell. Pixar is more cartoony and Ghost in the Shell is more realistic.

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RedDead2996d ago

Jap cartoons > everywhere else

Count2996d ago

Avatar : The Last Airbender would like to have a word with you.

Reibooi2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

While I agree that Avatar The Last Airbender was a incredible show it is was ONE out of hundreds of crap American animation shows for kids. And more adult shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons which no one would argue is crappy animation(those shows rely on their writing)

The level of Quality Japanese animation of a similar or higher caliber to Avatar is much higher so Japanese animation still wins.

darthv722996d ago

family guy.

yes that may be a bad example of animation but I am referring to the humor and content. Jap anime just doesnt strike me as funny except...looking.

smilydude132996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Family Guy? Humor & content?


OT: Yes, Japanese animation does seem to have a higher quality to American animation. Maybe it's because animation here seems to be relegated primarily to child cartoons or adult humor animations. Whereas in Japan they don't seem to relegate the medium to those two options.

Alos882996d ago

What really surprised me about Avatar The Last Airbender was how good the writing was. More than once I rolled my eyes and expected a cliche plotline that never happened, which made me anticipate where the next episode was going to go so much more.

Triella2996d ago


You should try a sex comedy like Orochuban Ebichu (the housekeeping Hamster Ebichu) or a black comedy like Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan) you also have the slice of life comedies : Crayon Shin-Chan, Azumanga Daioh, Hetalia: Axis Powers, etc.

specialguest2996d ago


He said Avatar: The Last Airbender... hahahahhahahahahahahahh!!!!!!!

WetN00dle692996d ago

Yeah about that, Avatar isnt all American made! They had help from an over seas anime studio i wanna say a Korean animation studio i cant remember ANYWAYS yeah far from being fully American! So yeah in the End Asian animation will ALWAYS be on top! OHH and RedDead do stop using the word J*P! Its very Racist!

Count2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Yes, laugh it off. Avatar is a very greatly crafted American cartoon.

Hell, it's even won awards.

RedDead2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Wet noodle, i meant it as short for japanese and I don't mean it offensively, so um my bad.

And I like the fact that people can slag off something like Avatar but love Kingdom Hearts or Valkyria Chronicles, Avatar has a solid story and doesn't use any tricks or have twists or anything, it's just a straight forward good story with awesome fight scenes.

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pippoppow2996d ago

Besides animation quality Japanaes animation caters to all ages and tastes. In NA the cartoons are mostly for under 12 with some comedic shows for adults.

NA animators have a missed opportunity. Imagine a new D&D animated show but more serious catering more for teens to adults on primetime or even late night tv.

Triella2996d ago

this scene alone shows you the great difference between an anime made for a young audience (12 - 15 yo)in America and one made for the same audience in Japan :

and the degree of animation is just on another level than US cartoons :

tinybigman2996d ago

everytime we get animated shows over here that get to serious like superman/batman adventures, JL, JL unlimited, teen titans and so forth they get canceled because the networks say kids don't need serious cartoons. the networks fail to realize that adults watched those shows more than kids. i was hella pissed when these shows were axed.

pippoppow2996d ago

It is a shame that animated shows are still seen as just for kids in NA. I'm a mature adult and love to watch a good anime, read a few comic books and play video games, all of which are deemed for kids. I say BULL!! It's all entertainment and can cater to all ages and tastes.

Yeah Triella, those are good examples of the quality of Japanes anime. There is an energy and detail that is hard to match.

It is a shame Tiny that more teen and adult animated shows aren't made and the ones out there are cancelled. While I'm not really into superhero shows like I used to be I think they fail to see how varied in age the audience for animated content is. There is a market out there for more teen to mature animated content in the US that is being ignored. I do hope one day there is a popular animated show not geared for kids that becomes very popular and isn't a comedy. Maybe then the stigma of cartoons being just for kids will die.

MaideninBlack2996d ago

I'm always amazed at the animation and the amount of detail whenever I'm watching Howl's Moving Castle. That's just one example though.

dredgewalker2996d ago

Been watching Miyazaki's works for years and has never failed to wow me. Now even my child likes his movies and it's quite something for a parent and child to have some common interests.

Kos-Mos2996d ago

Dredge. I love your comment:)

rakunado2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Even ponyo... which I thought lacked story made me amazed at the useless things Miyazaki would show that you could just appreciate but take for granted like how she looks wide eyed at the water being poured in the noodles. Miyazaki is a top class act.

I can't help humming the song of laputa everytime I pick up a piece of broccoli also. ~_~

jc485732996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I think Uncharted has gotten somewhere at least, but yea, I definitely agree about animation. You can even see good animation running through bad games.

Optical_Matrix2996d ago

I would have to agree that the quality of animation in Japan is MUCH higher in Japan. Japanese cartoons rape Western cartoons most of the time in terms of story/quality and animation. One example of animation quality if you look at how well films like Advent Children are animated for example. And don't get me started on Studio Ghibli films or The Girl Who Left Through Time.That said I think the west are far superior with live action.
Uncharted 2 for example though..had SUPERB animation.

mrmikew20182996d ago

"The Girl who Left through time" is that a anime?

MexicanAppleThief2996d ago

Yes. Grab a DVD for it on Amazon, you won't be disappointed.

Optical_Matrix2996d ago

I meant to say Lept through time sorry lol But yeah it's an anime film and it's fantastic. I strongly reccommend it. One of the best animations of this decade easily.

Reibooi2996d ago

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is such a incredible movie both in terms of the animation itself and the awesome story. Everything in that movie is just so incredibly well done.

I would love to see it on Blu-ray at some point but for now the DVD is WELL worth the purchase.

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