New guitar game Power Gig: Rise of the Six String, delivers a quality set list.

Sfg writes,"New music game, Power Gig: Rise of the six string, is trying to show it is not another Rock Revolution. First they announced the game would have a real guitar for a controller. Then they announced that they locked up Kid Rock, Dave Matthews Band, and the legendary Clapton to an exclusivity deal. well today I have to rest of the set list and I want to share it with you. Here are the details."

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Tuxmask553000d ago

Great tunes. Hopefully this game can knock Guitar Hero off its pedestal.

goldensfree2999d ago

best gaem ever a real guitar man this game will spawn legends XD

kids belting out rifts like the heroes of old

craddock2999d ago

meh.. was hoping we could play any songs off our harddrive, im more into ska music which they have none on their list.. not even sublime..

SexyPrawns2999d ago

Maybe that's because they already released one ska song on a game once. Why do you need to hear the rest of it?

Seriously Five Iron Frenzy has been disappointing for years.

TheIneffableBob2999d ago

This is going to have to compete with Rock Band 3.

Zachmo1822999d ago

Sweet I see stars, nfg and paramore....I'm liking this!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.