Beautiful Soul Calibur IV Screens

Move over Dead or Alive, the girls of Soul Calibur IV are looking mighty fine! Namco today released an extensive selection of high-resolution screenshots and artwork from the fourth installment in its flagship fighting series.

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Greysturm3991d ago

Some ninja master is going to say this is a half assed game for comments like this...

Darkiewonder3991d ago

Yet. Looks like the game is progressing nicely. Inflate some more please.

Staircase3991d ago

Ewww, when did Voldo become a girl?

Jamaicangmr3991d ago

I love Soul Calibur more than any other figther with Tekken a close second. However am not really finding these screens to be particularly impressive. I know the game isnt bein released till next year but i hope it gets a big graphical improvment.

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The story is too old to be commented.