Sony: Driving Genre ‘Needs Gran Turismo 5’

An elongated development cycle can sometimes be the death knell of a highly anticipated title, but Sony has insisted that the five-year wait for Gran Turismo 5 will not lead to critical disappointment.

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Troll_Police3021d ago

Yes it does, yes it does indeed.

Leathersoup3020d ago

It doesn't NEED it, but it will be a nice addition to my collection.

Jamaicangmr3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

It does NEEDS!! it actually.

SonyWarrior3020d ago


LiquifiedArt3020d ago

I dont care about the genre. GT5 is a genre in itself. (salivates)

boodybandit3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Any serious racing fan with instantly disagree with you.
YES, yes it does need it!

No game on a gaming "console" plays like GT on a racing setup. NONE!
That isn't an opinion it's a fact. I can't wait for this game to hit. The wait is almost over. The past couple weeks I have been tweaking and modding my setup in anticipation of it's arrival. I am going to be turning laps in style!

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raztad3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I dont quite understand the "five-year wait" thing. The PS3 itself is not five years old, GT4 was released in 2004, so how comes people was waiting for GT5 since 2005? It doesnt make sense.

I think bloggers love to exaggerate GT5 development cycle, for reasons I dont get.

Troll_Police3020d ago

True, meanwhile Too Human, Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell: Conviction gets a free pass.

InfectedDK3020d ago

Lol agreed.
And GT5 will sell atleast 6 mil. while Alan Wake was a sad dissapointment in sales. So how come everyone talks so bad 'bout GT5? I think it's people fearing it will be so freakin' good it'll blow their minds!

N4PS3Fanboys3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Are you really comparing GT5 and Alan Wake sales? Alan Wake is a new IP on one console that released this year. Gran Turismo is a nearly 13 year old franchise with several games spanning three console generations.

Next let's compare Halo and ModNation Racers. Dude, Reach will totally outsell that game!

InfectedDK3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

My only point was that the GT5 wait isn't anymore bad than other games that doesn't get hit on for it.. I'm just saying that the development time it took for GT5 was fine and needed though we truly really want this game now and have been waiting for this game like no other game :)

mushroomwig3020d ago

Because GT5 was most likely announced back in 2005.

Gran Touring3020d ago

Well, it wasn't. The first announcement was "Vision: Gran Turismo" at E3 2005, and later GTHD, which are completely different concepts to GT5. The first we saw of GT5 was at the Sema 2007 auto show, with GT5:Prologue being announced.

zanzibarlegend3020d ago

haters drink hatorade. hating is in their DNA. dumb accusations is the norm when dealing with trolls on here.

when GT5 breaks more worldwide records, the haters will go into the witness protection program.

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tdogg060519913021d ago

First of all yes I LOVE GT5, but all the fans out there that think this is true are completely wrong. Think about it you have a game that does everything, realism, Nascar and many other brands even go carts, you destroy the competition. Whats going to happen to EAs Nascar franchise or WRC Championship, all other sims have no ability to do this. Financially or even have the time to do it. I just think its the best racing game out there so much so it ruins the other companies competition. To realistic racing sims.

nycredude3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

You could pretty say that about all first party Sony games, and some of the second party MS games. They set the bar higher. However I think it's actually a good thing. Competition will force other companies to step it up so in the end gamers benefit!

Sure you will still have crappy games it is evident that some multi-platform developers are stepping it up.

lodossrage3020d ago

In truth, Gran Turismo is simply too powerful a franchise. Not to mention sony lets PD move at their own place and doesn't make them put out a game until PD is satisfied. In other words, they have all the space, time, and money to do this that most other companies simply don't have or don't allow.

And yeah, GT can very well destroy the competition as he is saying.

But at the same time tdogg, that's not PD or Sony's fault that other companies can't do certain things. And it's not like they pulled that liscense buyout thing that EA does with madden.

If they want to compete with GT, any would be competitor needs to just step their game up, bottom line.

Jamaicangmr3020d ago

Where EA's Nascar, Codemasters rally and F1 offerings are dedicated sims in their respective fields. Gran Turismo only offeres tastes of those. Where GT excels and places most of it's focus is on GT, touring, la-mans etc.

Everything else is just icing and not to be taken as a replacement for those other games.
Nascar wont have 40 cars on the track and wont follow the full season and drivers.
WRC wont have all tracks and again wont follow the full season and drivers.
F1 (Copy and paste)

So while i agree that it does take some attention from the others it's not a replacement for any of them. The only game or developer that should be concerned about GT5 is Turn 10 and Forza as they are direct competition.

saoco3020d ago

it's also not sony's fault that the company is so passionate and talented. i think what what set's them apart from many other companies no matter what type of game.

Cevapi883020d ago

yeah but you do realize that PD doesnt own the driving license if that even existed...they arent like EA who buy sports licenses and pump out mediocre games every year because they know they will sell, im looking at you Madden...PD and Yamauchi are perfectionist...if anything GT5 will set the standard for which the competition will need to match, the other developers will need to push and innovate their own IPs to stand out just like the GT series did all the way back in 1997...and dont tell me that 3rd party studios like activision, ubisoft, EA and others dont have the resources or time to make games on the level of GT5, they pump out numerous games each year, if they took the time to perfect a game then there would be no problem, but its all about profit, yet that goes counter to everything that PD and Yamauchi do, they know that in order for their game to sell, it needs to do everything and anything to make it what its suppose to be, Yamauchi has a lot of ideas and high expectations of himself and we see that through the game itself

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Gran Touring3021d ago

Nay, The Auto industry itself needs Gran Turismo 5.

GodOfGaming3020d ago

Sony speaks the truth!!

I have spoken.

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