What’s Wrong with the PSP? writes:

Compare Apple’s 8GB iPod Touch for $230 to Sony’s PSP Go for $250: the former outclasses the latter in so many ways that the PSP Go is basically a joke at this point. Sony is sticking to the old console compatability model where they make one hardware spec and cling to it for 5-10 years for forward compatability’s sake.

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SandWitch3028d ago

Everything is right with the PSPGo :D

3028d ago
gano3028d ago

stop with these dumb ass comparisons.
the IPHONE is that first dickhead a PHONE.
THE PSP is a handheld game system with features.
stupid [email protected]#*#[email protected]

maruyuki3028d ago

psp is perfect, i would never trade it for an itouch.

does itouch have monster hunter?

does itouch have granturismo?

does itouch have metalgear?

well it does have metal gear, but that game is pretty shitty