Snoop Dogg RB pack, blazing it way to XBOX next week. PS3 users have to wait 2 weeks

Sfg writes,"Snoop Dogg, legendary and notorious rapper, is headed to Rock Band. Snoop has been a favorite of mine, since Dr. Dre rolled him out for the soundtrack to the movie Deep Cover. 8 tracks produced especially for Rock Band will make its way for download next week on XBLA. & of those will make it to the PSN and 2 weeks later you can purchase them all as a pack."

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eggbert2972d ago


Zydake2972d ago

They(M$) paid 50 mill for that so its worth it to them.

deadreckoning6662972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

WOW..big news. "Beautiful" and "Drop it like itz hot" are definite buys for me.

El_Colombiano2972d ago

I love when games play favorites and then complain about lacking sales on the console that they lacked on.