Fallout Fans Recruiting for Development of "True" Fallout Sequel

A group of die hard Fallout fans from the No Mutants Allowed Forum having decided they are disappointed with Bethesda's plans for Fallout 3, have started development on what they are calling a "true" sequel to the Fallout series.

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Dr Pepper4022d ago

Wow, that's pretty disrespectful to all the people working on Fallout 3.

MK_Red4022d ago

Because they disrespected the fans. They totally threw the original Fallout 3 out of the window and changed everything:
1.Isometric view, the signature of Fallout became FPS!
2.Famous Action Point Turn-Based was replaced with real time shooting plus a VATS.
3.Fallout's most iconic element, The number 13 is totally gone and the game takes place in a totally different location with no role for Holy Thirteen.
4.A lot of famous controversial parts were removed including Groin Shot, Killing children and such.
5.Fallout 1&2 had no level cap and you could reach level 99 while Beth made a 20 level cap so they can extend it for expansions for more money.

7.Most importantly, Fallout was famous for its deep and impressive dialogue system which Beth replaced with lame Oblivion mechanism.

8.Its more of a combination of BioShock and Oblivion and while it would make a great game, its disrespectfull to legendary Fallout, a game that BioShock's own designers paid homage by using Vault Boy in the game as an easter egg.
9.Bethesda is clearly making a comnmercial game while originals were compeletely unique and artsy games (Andyet managed to sell more than a million, meaning that you don't have to make a totally commercial game to succeed.)

Sorry for my long rant, I know some of thos points are over-the-top or something but I'm one of those crazy old school Fallout 1&2 fans that would kill for a isometric turn-based RPG. :)

Dr Pepper4022d ago


Looks like someone has an opinion on the subject! I realize that the game is going in a completely new direction, but some people (perhaps even yourself) need to realize that change is inevitable. How popular do you think it would be if they kept it the same as the others? Sure, it may be more true to its' history, but Bethesda could loose huge amounts of money because it just wouldn't appeal to many gamers in today's world.

Also, no one has even tried/played it yet (general public)! People need to respect Bethesda and what they have accomplished in the gaming business (Elder Scrolls anyone?) and put some faith into them. I realize that you are disappointed with the change, as was I when I found out about the very new direction of the Splinter Cell series. But it could (and probably will) turn out to be a great game. And I doubt the dev team working on it will want Fallout fans to be disappointed with the results.

And also, how good do you think this game would turn out (this "true" Fallout sequel)? Asking for help on forums, not having any idea for the story, first game the non-existent team has made, etc. (assuming they would be allowed to make it, Bethesda could have some say in this).

Well, that's how I'm looking at this situation.

Nemesis4022d ago

Fallout 3 may be a great game in it's own right, but it will never be a true sequel to the original turn-based isometric games.

Bethesda made a conscious decision to commercialize the franchise by dumbing it down. This is a huge slap in the face for fans of the original two games, and is really frustrating for those of us that love the old style turn-based RPG's.

I have little doubt that the Jagged Alliance franchise will also suffer the same fate.

Charlie26884022d ago

@Dr Pepper: When you said "People need to respect Bethesda and what they have accomplished in the gaming business (Elder Scrolls anyone?) and put some faith into them" I LAUGHED SO HARD I almost cried...this basically a confirmation you probably have never played the other The Elder Scroll games right? and you probably got your Oblivion (if you even have it) cuz it got high scores?

Dude EVERY single TES fan knows that Bethesda with each new TES game alienates and forgets about the previous games fan by applying the "chop and dumbing down formula", for example when a dev makes a sequel to a game the whole point is to improved the game by adding things and polishing the old that have been brought back but the ONLY thing that Bethesda does is

-Better Graphics
-Dumbed down the gameplay even more form the previous entry
-Chop game features left and right
-Make bad and questionable design decisions

just look at Oblivion the ONLY thing that makes it better than previous TES games is the graphics and while the melee combat is improved it is still VERY simplistic and half-baked, where are all the interesting and complex story? where are the interesting characters? why does each consecutive game has less and less depth including the removal off many spells and abilities that were actually USEFUL

Dude why do you think a lot of people like Oblivion and considered it so high in their RPG pedestal?

Because even a blind monkey could play and beat the game without much difficulties...I bet you to make the new TES fans (aka Oblivion lovers) to even try Arena/Daggerfall or Morrowind..they will be all over the place saying how hard and difficult the game is.

Its pure and simply Bethesda already have the reputation of LOVING money and how do they get more money? by making more people play their games and how do they due this? contrary to the obvious of depending on their good skills to make a good game like other developers Bethesda simply makes the game "easier" by dumbing it down more and more each time, why do you think a lot of people that didn't like RPGs now say they LOVE RPGs cuz of Oblivion

and let me give you the best quote I found

"The Elder Scrolls: Oblivious, also known as the Second Coming of Christ, is the best TES ever, the best RPG ever, the best game ever, the best thing ever, and a divine work of art... The game is a MESOLARPS, a massive empty singleplayer offline LARP simulator. The basic premise of the game is that the players are supplied with a huge amount of nothing, which they are supposed to pretend is actually something, thus creating the ultimate Role Playing experience." - No Mutant Allowed

that is WHY Fallout fans dont realy like the idea of Bethesda working wiht the Fallout IP cuz as with their previous game Bethesda is not looking for the old fans they just want A LOT of people buy it so they will apply their famous "chop and dumbing down formula"

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spammy_nooo4022d ago

they just want attention.

Komrad4022d ago

Fallout 3 isn't coming out, Fallout:Oblivion is tho.

ktchong4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

I've played Fallout and Fallout 2. I like Fallout 3 as it is, and I think it is moving towards the right direction.

Those diehard old-school Falllout fans are just close-minded fanboys without a life, just like MK_Red is (the guy spends days and nights doing nothing but posting news here.) MK_Red and those people have this disgusting, annoying fanboy attitude that applies to both PS3 and Fallout. You know those people need a life.

Mattguy4022d ago

The only two problems this game is bound to have is story and dialogue. Man talking to people in either of the fallout games was a blast, npcs always had something good and funny as hell to say. Listening to someone talk in oblivion or reading what someone has to say in morrowind makes me want to stab myself it's so boring and dull. We just have to hope bethesda will go heavy on the importance of talking in f3, hell in either of the previous fallouts(not so sure about the first one) you can beat the game by just talking-you could level up better than fighting by talking in those games!

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