Xbox 360 Power To Spark New Handheld?

A report by The Diffusion Group gives Xbox fans a hope for something that they've always hoped and dreamed for. A portable Microsoft product, to be released by 2008, to compete with Sony's PSP and Nintendo's GBA and DS.

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BIadestarX3991d ago

Last time I checked... Sony was the one producing exploiting bateries for mobile devices...

MikeGdaGod3991d ago

just couldnt wait to throw that one in huh Blade......


nasim3991d ago

why would they bring this???

x360 is the least selling console in the world at the moment

This will be a mega FLOP just like ZUNE which will cost MS 5 billion in losses.

x360 is also a FLOP with decreasing sales worldwide

Omicronn3991d ago

I think this would be a great idea for MS to do.
But the oven glove was funny lol

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Tsukasah3991d ago

good joke p4ky b, though.

This could be something cool, maybe you can cook eggs on the go with it, or maybe microsoft will learn from their mistakes and make it nice and cool like the PSP. I doubt though it will be as successful as the PSP or the DS(very doubtful it will be like the DS) because of japan =/

Ahh i wish there would be some new game company to release a console, it'd be strange to see a toshiba console... lol imagine an emachines console =O or a dell console.. or HP or something.... maybe nvidia would make a console, hell who knows... but im bored of sony and nintendo, and i hate microsoft..

i miss sega :(

spammy_nooo3991d ago

sega was like the ice in a glass of lukewarm tea...whatever that means.

i do get what you are saying though. i think it'd be great if sega was to release a handheld system. i'd buy it day one.

i miss the good old days....

DJ3991d ago

I wonder how high the failure rate would be if they put out a handheld.

spammy_nooo3991d ago

the only reason the 360 had high failure rates is because they RUSHED IT. there would be no reason to rush this portable since the others are already out and aren't all that hyped any more.

like the xbox. it got there last, and wasnt rushed because it had nobody to beat. they thought it out, it did good(failure wise) and everybody was happy.


I think the same kinda thing applies to the killzone series. people say that 'since the first one sucked, the second one most likely will too' and i just think WTF?!? thats not how it works...AT ALL. people who say that must think that they choose NOT to learn from mistakes, and that their experience with programming and game design in general just stays the exact same as it was 3 years ago when the game came out.

that being said, the original killzone got 'good' reviews. around 7's from most places.

and this rant wasnt directed at you DJ, im just in a mood :)
P.S. please dont give negative feedback/disagrees based on this rant. i just wanted to rant a little x)

BIadestarX3991d ago

Hopefully not as bad as the PS1, PS2, and all the bateries made by Sony that had to be recalled...

Interesting how you only focus on the first xbox 360 in the market... what was the failure rate of the original xbox? Do you know the failure rate of the elite on all the new SKU like the Premium that comes with HDMI... or those that have the heat sink?

I don't know if you noticed... but if is not that Sony fanboys got tired of posting RROD articles or the number of RROD problems are fading as Microsoft add the heat sink and fix the new SKUs... To bad you are going to be saying the crap for the next 5 years...

SonyDefenseForce3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

if Microsoft wants to keep at the Top of there Game like they are now there going to have release a portable Gaming Product to compete with Rival Companies or it could just issue its Great Games on the DS instead since its the best selling portable gaming Device on Market

ArduousAndy3991d ago

why would they be making a portable gaming device,if they were in talks with Nintendo to release some of there properties to the DS?

DrPirate3991d ago

Another handheld?

I don't mind console wars, but handheld wars too now?


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