EA announces soundtrack for The Sims 3 Consoles & Late Night

EA announced today the robust music line-up for The Sims 3 for console platforms and The Sims 3 Late Night PC/MAC that includes music from a variety of genres such as hip-hop, alternative, pop, rock, electronic, and more. Artists and more though the link.

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germandude3028d ago

nice line-up, kelly rowland's sexy :D

Cecker3028d ago

the soundtrack is good but the game..

Anime-Vixen3028d ago

Yay this is great. I hope it exactly like the PC version. I hated playing sims 2 on the PS2 because it was just so limited. Now they just need to add online and this game would be perfect !

Cecker3028d ago

yeah but playing sims with a controller is not easy i think :S

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