Details on the Madden 08 roster update

A complete list of every change made in the new roster update that is out for the PS3 and 360 versions of Madden 08.

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Real Gambler4018d ago

EA pulled the plug on their servers for most of their 2006 games. So you can expect they will do the same with this game as well. No more online play after two years is really sad from a company who make so much money.

Balance4018d ago

people don't play madden for more than a couple of months then they quit in anger over the bugs, gliching and other stuff. then 10 months later they itching to play some football again so they buy the next version of madden. that is the cycle, when you have a game that comes out every year you want people to stop playing your older game and buy the new one. btw i am in no way defending EA, they suck.