New Batman: Arkham City Details - "The Game's Finished"

SystemLink: "In a selfless attempt to bring you more information than humanly possible, we've stormed the audio battlefields and recovered some nuggets of pure solid details, thanks to the OPM Podcast (#14)."

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MrLife2730d ago


dead_eye2730d ago

haha first thing i thought when i saw the title

EliteAssass1n2729d ago

i hate it when developers tease us like this.

Akagi2729d ago

Ever heard the concept of "polishing" a game?

2729d ago
xtremexx2730d ago

Well Then Give IT To Us

qadsia1232730d ago

They can polish it so its perfect and now that theres MP its gives them so much time to get it right cant wait for arkham city hopefully theres co-op...

JohnApocalypse2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

My guess is that they're not releasing it this fall because they're working on multiplayer

Batzi2729d ago

Release it already!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.