Achievement Unlockedwear

Finishing Expert in Guitar Hero II. Defeating General RAAM on Insane difficulty. Achieving the Rank of Elite in R6 Vegas. All these and any other achievements you've accomplished on your beloved 360 pale in comparison to unlocking this one. It will take a steady hand and unflinching concentration, but we have faith, it is in fact unlockable.

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Omega Kaze3987d ago

Although I dont think this is quite considered news.

Boink3987d ago

it's better than 1/2 the junk that ends here.

I'm approving, and ordering a pair for my woman.

Omega Kaze3987d ago

well becasue your ordering it, thats amazing. Bubbles for you, and approval for this.

ArduousAndy3987d ago

my gf's birthday is this monday. Now if i get this is this a gift for her or for me?

CNIVEK3987d ago

I love the little cameltoe action she's got going on there. :D

BIadestarX3987d ago

the picture... is that a guy or a girl... I am afraid of looking... I heard some guys have tricks to hide their penis...

Silverwolf3987d ago

I just unloaded an achievement!

toughNAME3987d ago

bubble! take it take it!

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The story is too old to be commented.