Arkham City not a sandbox game, says Rocksteady

OXM UK: Rocksteady's Sefton Hill has said that he doesn't consider Batman: Arkham City to be a sandbox title, despite opening it up beyond the walls of Arkham Asylum.

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Troll_Police2938d ago

That's fine. So long as it's as good as Batman: AA.

cyborg69712938d ago

Good is right. Sandbox gets boring.

nickjkl2938d ago

sand box gets boring idk about you but sand box never gets boring or at least out lasts the game thats not sandbox

its like having an fps but removing the boundaries of the world

thats why i cant wait for the time in technology when we can have an entire world of military combat and having players do what they want wanna build a base and equipment adn the way it looks go for it wanna play it like an fps just play as an fps wanna drive battle ships do it

but something like this wont happen until development cost drop substantially

Christopher2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

My only problem with sandbox games is that it's very easy to lose direction if not done right. Only a few people know how to do it right. I have no issue with the next Batman game being similar to the first. It played well, storyline wasn't bad, and the gameplay was good.

Like most things, I don't see the need to change what isn't broken.

scofios2937d ago

I agree sandbox gets repetitive after a while .

bobcostus2937d ago

THANK GOD it's not a sandbox game. No offence to sandbox games, but dude, I'm tired of them.

OhReginald2938d ago

Good. I am expecting it to be like the first one. Not entirely sandbox, but as you go along the story there are lot of open areas and back tracking.

Quagmire2937d ago

Much like the first Bioshock. Seemed open world, but was pretty much linear, which worked well to acheieve that level of claustrophobic atmosphere

koehler832938d ago

I hope its still a Metroidvania.

user8586212938d ago

I always thought AA was sandbox :S I means couldn't you roam around all of arkham?

Baka-akaB2938d ago

well it wasnt . Like said Metroid/castlevania fits better , and you dont see anyone calling them sandboxes

Christopher2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

It's kind of a hybrid. Once you open areas up, you can revisit them (and typically have to for various reasons). But, the world isn't just open to you to explore from the get-go.

Rubberlegs2937d ago

Its uses a HUB style system. AC will be probably be the same using main parts of the city that will branch off to smaller linear areas but I'm sure it will a larger game then AA.
I like this style way more then an open world setting because the devs can put more focus and polish into the linear areas.

rakunado2938d ago

Never expected it to be sandbox in the first place.

What I do want is a few respawning thugs once I finish the game so I can go around and keep beating them to death while I look for my 100% completion riddles or whatever they have in no.2!!! Combat is so fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.