Call of Duty Black Ops: Killstreak and Perks List – Will you miss Juggernaut?

Product-Reviews writes: Considering that Black Ops is Treyarch’s follow up to World at War, you may be surprised to hear that there won’t be any room for the Juggernaut perk. This is probably more good news than bad, since many of you argued that players with skill don’t need it, and it is essentially just a perk for beginners.

That is a few missing from the perks, but what about Killstreaks. You will probably be aware by now that Treyarch has decided not to include a killstreak for 25 kills, following on from the Tactical Nuke on Modern Warfare 2. I’m not sure if I agree with them. I always thought the nuke was a great reward for getting so many kills in a row, and lets face it, a 25 kill streak is not something that happens every game is it?

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xtremexx3028d ago

Juggernaut YES

Nukes F**K NO!!!!

JohnApocalypse3028d ago

What is the problem with nukes anyway? They rarely happen

Motorola3028d ago

Your serious? They sort u into games through KDR i think. go figure.

xGrunty3028d ago

The problem with nukes is that it promotes camping. Cause let's face it most ppl who get nukes don't get it by running around with let's say a sub machine gun frantically. People don't realize that, and they wonder why they die by some guy tubeing cross map with one man army and danger close the whole game.

LiLTich923028d ago

they happen quite alot, i used to get em most rounds :) im not to sure about attack dogs though :@ i hate em !!!

Fishy Fingers3028d ago

I'd of really liked the Nuke if you had to actually get a 25 kill streak, but in reality it was more like 10, kill streak reward should not have counted towards further killstreak rewards. It was far to easy to hit the more "challenging" rewards by using combinations of the others. Nuke for example, harrier, chopper gunner, nuke.

BeaArthur3028d ago

Yeah, I have very rarely seen anyone that actually kills 25 people with their weapon. It's 7 to the harrier and then they just find a corner to lie down in and wait for the next kill streak and then they bring that out and that gets them to 25.

dead_eye3028d ago

i'm crap with the chopper gunner so it normally goes harrier, chopper gunner, death.

CombatEvolving3028d ago

I'm so glad to see Stopping Power burning in Hell. I know people are raging about it, but it ruined the fucking game. The worst part was when they removed Juggernaut, yet kept Stopping Power.

redDevil873028d ago

It says in the article "hardened" might be stopping power.

retrofly3028d ago

Hardened is "deep impact" like the FMJ perk.
Flack jacket only protects against exsplosions.

Non_sequitur3028d ago

I always thought stopping power was used way too often on weapons with a high fire rate and made it too easy to get kills. I still think it's ok with a sniper rifle since they should be a one shot one kill weapon.

AssassinHD3028d ago

Why should a sniper rifle be a one shot one kill weapon? Granted a sniper round to the heart or head should absolutely be lethal, but your average sniper round is 7.62mm. A light machine gun fires 7.62mm rounds with a lot more frequency than a sniper rifle, but for some reason a sniper round to the foot is lethal, but 5 light machine gun rounds to the torso is not. I have never understood that.

I am not counting the Barret .50 cal. That is an anti-equipment rifle so I would expect it to be lethal anywhere.

criticalkare3028d ago

Nope not going to miss Juggernut at all

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