Friday Debate: What Would Get You To Pay $100 For XBL Platinum?

Xbox Live Gold memberships are about to jump up to $50 a year, and now we also have video games analyst Michael Pachter saying that he reckons that Microsoft are gonna rollout a $100 Platinum service.

Hey… multiplayer gaming is still completely free on PSN, so it comes down to features right?

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ActionBastard3000d ago

Some type of threat or weapon to the head.

UNCyrus3000d ago

*looks at summary*
"Xbox Live Gold memberships are about to jump up TO $50 a year"

Mind your prepositions, don't you mean FROM?

troncoparati3000d ago

As far as I know 59 is closer to sixty than 50. OP has his sources mixed up...

phatak3000d ago

werent u the 1 that won the tester ?

Moentjers3000d ago

One day you won't have the choice.

Next Halo maybe ?

SilentNegotiator3000d ago

More applications that are free everywhere else or don't require a fee for the opportunity to pay another fee *COUGH*NETFLIX*COUGH*?

Chuk_Chuk3000d ago

If every online game had matches held on dedicated servers and there was no P2P servers at all. Then i would consider it.

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ZombieAutopsy3000d ago

Netflix and Hulu Plus year subscription and maybe some sort of free pr0n, and even then i'd only really be doing it because Netflix and HuluPlus subs cost almost twice as much.

callahan093000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Absolutely nothing. They need to give Silver normal online play like PSN features for free. There's no reason you can't play games online AT ALL on the 360 without paying a monthly fee.

punkpop1013000d ago

Fuckin right.But we have to admit that almost all Xbox 360 users don't give a shit about paying to play online.Has that stopped WOW players and we expect 100 dollars a year to stop all those Halo crazies?

kasasensei3000d ago

"almost all Xbox 360 users don't give a shit about paying to play online"
Sorry, but you are wrong on this point. 42M x360, 20 xbl active accounts (silver & gold) among that only 3 to 4M gold.

OSU_Gamer3000d ago


still more than PSN and its free

kasasensei3000d ago

There are twice more active PSN accounts (approx.40M), please check your sources.

iamnsuperman3000d ago

will have to be Netflix and Hulu plus at no extra cost to justify for $100 per year plus other services at no extra costs with maybe some discounts....not sure may people who would pay $100 per year that is a lot of money per year

EVILDEAD3603000d ago

If the offered a $60 dollar must-buy game and $40 dollas for live..

Pachters' wrong on this one..the 10 dollars is a the people that bought the cheap cards really won out..

I love LIve and I'm not going to cry over 10 extra dollars that comes once a year..

But a mandatory 100 dollars 360 Live would destroy the 360


TEFL0N_D0N_813000d ago

I agree half way. There is no reward system in the gaming market anymore. Achievement points mean squat. If you prestige all the way in CoD, they could at least send you a shirt with the emblem, or offer 10% off the next CoD or something.

If you've been on XBL since 2004, then how about a "thanks for the years, the next 3-6 months are on us". Wouldn't that be great for repeat business?

Once my subscription runs out in April 2011, I'm gonna think real hard on if the next $60 is worth it. PSN is free, but the firmware updates have tanked my 60gb phat twice. Maybe I'll just play sudoku.

Mmmkay3000d ago

i never got t-shirts for completing tetris or pac-man... what the hell are you talking about? You want to get paid by developers because you play their game? dude...

EVILDEAD3603000d ago

@ Teflon..

To be honest you mght be onto something..

I remember buying Guitar Hero 5 ONLY because they were giving away Van Halen Guitar Hero for free if you pre-ordered it.

My point is give me a free $60 game + a year of Live and I'll upgrade at some point..

Just like PSN+..if they would just give you those games free whether you re-subscribed or not..then more people would probably jump on it

Either way it is what it is..

But theres no way in Hades would I ever ever give up Live over 10 dollars..

And lose my achievements? and friends and family..and Halo f-ing way..just for PSN? nah..I'll pass

TEFL0N_D0N_813000d ago

I was simply saying it'd be awesome if the devs and/or microsoft rewarded players more often, and in a more substantial way. I don't want to get paid by devs because I play their game. But you ever heard of repeat business? If I prestige all the way in CoD, and the devs gave me a reward for achieving that prestige (free t-shirt with the prestige emblem) or even 5% off the next CoD, or a beta test ID, or whatever, I'd be more likely to play CoD exclusively. It's smart business. I don't really care about money, heck I paid $60 to play their crappy game!

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