20° Xbox Game Pick: Radiangames Inferno "Radiangames has just released one of the best XBox Live Indie Games you can buy. Not only that, but it's a single dollar (80 MS Points). If you have an Xbox 360, you should grab a copy.

If you played the first release in the series, JoyJoy, then Inferno is like a campaign version of JoyJoy. If you didn't, here's a longer explanation: You move an abstract circle around a maze of other circles which are all different colours and are trying to kill you. You blast lasers back at them, upgrade your lasers using gold, then blast them even harder. Over 30 levels of increasing difficulty, you're looking for the exit and destroying anything that gets in your way."

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maawdawg3001d ago

It isn't overly long, I burned through 20 of the 30 levels last night but for $1 I can hardly complain. Really good design and it plays like what you would get if you mixed Gauntlet and Geometry Wars in a blender.

GameArmada3001d ago

Yeah, it's great stuff. You should make sure to give the multiplayer a go too - gives the campaign a whole new edge!