Kevin Butler Nods At NZ With Move-tage

Kevin Butler is awesome, really we mean it. It’s the attention to detail that truly draws us to the character and this latest clip is no exception.

Anyone that followed the Tv3 New Zealand Vs Kevin Butler fiasco last month knows both sides eventually made peace, Tv3 sent Kevin a gift basket and a plaque stating the PS3 as the official game console of NZ and Kevin accepted. Well it seems like Kevin took this to heart, in the latest clip among removing the wedding photo and replacing it with a self portrait of himself those with a keen eye may notice a New Zealand flag framed on the lounge wall. The very name of the clip also seems to be a reference to the previously plagiarized commercial.

Subtle but sweet, this is why we love KB.

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HarryMonogenis3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

The end of the advert really saved it. XD

himdeel3001d ago brought the needle back to good after milling in the decent/okay range from most of the ad.

CBaoth3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Seriously, everything's so subtle yet intense it's classic. The hanging of the self-portrait, the egomaniacal laugh, the life and death struggle of the gameplay (the little girl's rambo-esque scream w/ the guncon!), the NZ flag on the wall, the slow-mo capture of the munchies flying all the while a climatic, orchestral score played in the background was great. The Erik the Red ending was just icing on the cake. Lol a turkey leg.

ChozenWoan3001d ago

Did you catch the part where KB was giving the mom "the eye"... he is such a ladies man.

iamnsuperman3001d ago

Really good advert.... These Kevin Butler adverts are amazing

rekof3001d ago

that is cool,.. Nice observation,..

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The story is too old to be commented.