The Must Have Title of 2007: BioShock Gets 99/100

Imagine playing a game where instead of playing through it quickly to get to the next sequence or cutscene, it was actually worthwhile to just look around. To take a leisurely stroll through that world. To really be the character controlled by a joypad.

Bioshock does just that. From the moment the plane crashes into the water until psychotic mutants trap you in a room and are just waiting to break through the glass barrier, there is a complete immersion into the role given. The graphics are truly realistic, the gameplay timely and intelligent, and there is a thickening plot at every turn. This isn't just an adventure on the screen. It will pull anyone into it.

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Tackle9903752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Jeez, I've never seen a game get so many perfect and near-perfect reviews....

djcosta3752d ago

this game is already released! buy it its amazing!!!

Anything but Cute3752d ago

Try to get the game to play on your PC. It looks like I might have to give this a crack. If not, sell it on Amazon right away and make most of your money back.

But there is no way in hell, I'm buying an XBOX 360

sjappie3752d ago

You must be really desperate. Sad person.

MK_Red3752d ago

True. But this is one of the few near perfect scores of BioShock. Most of sites and mags (GameInformer, EuroGamer, GamesRadar and more) gave it perfect 100%.

Odion3752d ago

So Bioshock, Halo 3, and Mass Effect are like 100% going to be in the 90s to 100's

Maddens Raiders3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

looks like it will finally compel me to purchase a 360. (still *waiting for you know what though, but not too much longer) I just don't have the extra money for a complete PC gaming rig right now and when the ________'s calm down, I will strike.

MK_Red3752d ago

Dead Rising convinced me to buy 360 and now BioShock is gonna make me proud of the machine. But I'm still saving for PS3 :)
Want to enjoy both worlds.

ozsman3752d ago

I agree MK.... Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and Prey were my first purchases for the 360. If i didn't buy close to 30 games for it. I would have the ps3 by now.

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toughNAME3752d ago

these socres are all...expected now

i just wanna see if theres a review lower than 9.4 (score given by a biased site :S)

5 days!

Marceles3752d ago

Hah, what's the .1% off for? Might as well give this perfect game a perfect score.

Dr Pepper3752d ago

I guess for the lack of a personal shadow and odd physics in some water...

Ps3Fanboy7773752d ago

Not to mention seems now a days ALL 360 titles get them... Sorry but a 10/10 or 100/100 should be saved for very exceptional gamesn not just anything..

Gears, Bioshock and Halo should not have the same scores, thats just dumb.

toughNAME3752d ago

until i read

"Not to mention seems now a days ALL 360 titles get them"

sigh...just another paranoid sony fanboy

snoop_dizzle3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

did zelda ever need MP?


Chances are the MP would lower the score considering that the MP would just be thrown onto it taking more dev time away from the single player experience.

Dr Pepper3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

So Oblivion didn't deserve such great scores?

Why do you think this game is getting such good reviews? It's getting them because it is a very exceptional game. I think the reviewers of some of the most respected magazines and websites in the gaming business know what they're doing when they are reviewing games and just because you don't like to see an Xbox 360 game get good reviews doesn't mean it's not an extremely good game, it's just your ignorance blinded opinion.

Multiplayer is not needed and if you had actually researched this game you would know why the devs didn't include it and why it isn't needed.

MK_Red3752d ago

Zelda: Ocarina Of Time has the highest review scores ever and is considered the best game of all time along with Mario 64 and it didn't have multiplayer.
God Of War was a masterpiece and didn't need multiplayer. Oblivion and Morrowind were superb RPGs and while the devs could have easily gone the WoW way and make them MMO, they chose singleplayer for a reason:
Story, atmosphere and experience.

Most imporatantly, the famous Final Fantasy series is a Singleplayer only with the exception of FFXI. And the upcoming PS3 exclusive FFXIII is keeping it that way. Does it really need MP?

BioShock is stepping beyond those games in terms of Story and atmosphere. Some games are better MP like Warhawk & Battlefield and some are much better with SP only like BioShock and FF.

Nicosia3752d ago

It realy shows us how much people don't care about singleplayer, which is a shame. Bioshock is a singleplayer event but it not your standaard fps. if you played the demo you could feel the game's greatness, the whole feel and something fresh. Instead these days we are spoon fed the same recycled old fps shooters.

Omega Kaze3752d ago

What about games like Zelda and Mario (Galaxy or 64)? those are the best as they come. But the dont support multiplayer because its not amultiplayer game so it automatically deserves lower? No im afraid your vision is a little blury.

PS360PCROCKS3752d ago

Here's the funniest part about your mini rant. Your a PS fanboy and your talking to people who own 360's about online gaming? Puhlease gimme a break...this is a PS fan's ethics...

*Every feature on Xbox is lame til the PS copies it, than it becomes even better on the PS because "I say so"
*Every game that is exclusive is amazing and "not able to be done on a xbox"
*Every game that loses exclusivity for PS automatically "sucks"
*Every game that goes from xbox to multi-platform moves from the "suck" category and into the "must have" category.
*Any game that scores well on Xbox is a "conspiracy" and is because the mag/website is "Totally biased 360 xbots that hate Sony"
and the number one rule is...
*Stick together with your PS brethren because you will "rid the world of the xbots and Microsoft one day" Oh and flame, flame flame like their is no tomorrow.

Wii60_FTW3752d ago

you define retardation. u are a fine example of a sony drone. hehehe

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