Dear Sony: You need to use your brains to defeat PS3 hackers, not your legal team

Somewhere within the SCE regional teams, their business units are toasting to a job well done in ‘thwarting’ PSJailbreak in Australia and potentially USA. Breathing a sigh of relief, their team is probably patting themselves on spotting a danger early and coming up with a cunning legal plan to resolve it. Although their efforts have all been in vain, they have thwarted nothing and only raised the profile of hacking the PS3. No doubt, they will continue on this pointless crusade in other regions, but they must take a moment to stop and think about what they are doing. Suing a couple of small retailers and preventing them from ever selling a $150 device when it can be near ‘free’? It seems like they are doing potential customers a huge favor.

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Quagmire2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

IMO, no console is unhackable, although I'm surprised it took this long for hackers to crack PS3.

and to all those who are considering PSJailbreak:

Biggest2997d ago

What a stupid title. For four years there have been dreams of hacking the PS3. It hasn't been hacked. So the hackers, that usually have a code of twisted honor, decided it was easier to just steal Sony's tools. It would seem to me that reducing hackers to easily prosecuted thievery means Sony used their brains well in advance. The PS3 is still unhacked. If the only way the PS3 can be hacked is via stolen code, they have to no choice but to prosecute the thieves. That's what you do when people steal (unless you're for chopping off hands).

Dragun6192997d ago

What if Sony is using their legal team to delay the jailbreak device while Sony engineers try to find a solution as to how they should block it? Well, at least Sony is taking action faster than Nintendo when the R4 released.

DORMIN2997d ago

Yeaaa. Possibly one of the dumbest title i've seen on N4G.

Does the writer have any idea what a legal team does or was this written by a 10 year old?

r1sh122997d ago

I really dont get why this is still on going.
Sony have blocked the sale of the chips/usb dongles.
The firmwares have been leaked to the net, to run homebrew.
Its a DIY job of flashing a chip with the firmware.
The only homebrew thing I want to do is install an operating system on my slim.
Windows 7 on ps3 slim so I can play MKV files on my TV...
I dont care for pirating games, I pay for such things.

coolasj2997d ago

Playstation Media Server. Just install it and stream. Took me 5 minutes to set up.

2997d ago
MikeMichaels2997d ago

I'm not condoning this. Nor am i even interested in bothering with it.

.....but this will make ps3 sales skyrocket!

Plus, they still haven't even hit the magic $199 pricepoint that the 360 has been selling at for the last 2 years (and they're still catching up lol). I foresee some massive Sony hardware numbers in the near future.

Deep down i think Sony it loving the attention.

2996d ago
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Omega42997d ago

Its too late now anyway, the hack has been leaked online. Custom firmwares are already in development along with apps to remove firmwares included in new software.

Sony took too long to counter this, and now they will likely suffer like they did with the PSP.

Hellsvacancy2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Shut up man, do u ever stop? get a girlfriend or a life

HarryMonogenis2997d ago

Back up just a second. While I agree that he's Trolling (as usual), judging by your Bubble count, you're just as bad.

Biggest2997d ago

Sony took so long to counter it that the PS3 Jailbreak didn't even make it out of the door. I remember saying this would happen a week ago. There were people, like Omega4, saying that the Sony fans were holding on to hopes and dreams. Like I said then. . . I don't see anyone with any of whatever the PS3 Jailbreak was. Just a lot of morons hoping and dreaming that someone will hand them something that may do some of what they were promised for $170. L. O. L.

commodore642997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )
Those hackers are all over this now.

There will be plenty more of this sort of thing.
You can quote me on that.
Not saying it is 'good' per se. Just saying.

Looks like Maxconsole may be onto something with their article.

Karlnag32997d ago

Holy shit! That was legible and well said. Bub up for you.

Darkfocus2997d ago

90% of the stuff the guy writes looks like he's on crack while he's writing it.

Hellsvacancy2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Close, im a pot smoker, tell a lie, i quit 3 days ago (after puffin the good stuff for 14 years, happy days)

You know summin, it occurred 2-me the other day, im not the only mofo who has a "slang" way of typin, if u look at the name of the site your on RIGHT NOW its called N4G, News 4 gamers, if we lived in a perfect spoken world should it not b called "News For Gamers"?

I cant c ANY difference in the way u pronounce words like r = are or 4 = for and then theres u = you, the list goes on

Its not my fault u cant process words quick in enough so your brain knows theres is NO difference in pronunciation in simple words (im not attackin u, oops you)


LarsoVanguard2997d ago

You can be a pothead and still use proper grammar. The problem isn't really that people aren't smart enough to decipher your retarded typing, it's more that it makes you look lazy and uneducated.

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Chris3992997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

The PS3 is a SOFTWARE EXPLOIT. Do you honestly know anything at all? The PS3 exploit violates a number of legalities and is in any permutation criminal (as of this morning, and expect a similar ruling in the US). Not to mention that it is also entirely patchable - and detectable.

This is just some sad damage-control. Please link some of these mystical custom firmwares derived from - stolen - code that doesn't allow access to the OS.

Fishy nailed it below (#4). The exploit is too obscure and not relevant (anymore, in view of the law-suits and rulings) for commercial or wide-spread use.

Edit: These rulings also pave the way for Sony using legal muscle on the "free-ware" version of the exploit, as it too, was made from reverse-engineered and pilfered code.

Zir02997d ago

Omega is right about the custom firmware just have a look at the creator's of PSGrooves (and the PSP hack) twitter.

Its quite a ways down but he states his new version (which isn't copied from Sony) does allow for updates with new firmwares. Also considering you need a certain type of USB I would say it was a hardware exploit.

JBroken2997d ago

Nothing...thought that if I said it 3 times in the mirror it would appear and save the day. But it seems it really is just an urban legend

Chris3992997d ago

and there's nothing much except for people constantly reiterating that the exploit can be patched. Hackers can claim a lot of things (as GeoHot showed us). As it stands now THERE IS NO custom firmware running of this code.

Wake me when there is.

For the record, I don't condone piracy on any device. Every game I ever bought for my 360, I did so legally. Same for the Wii, same for my PSP. The irony is that the only people who really seem to fan the flames on this topic are die-hard 360 fans who will probably never touch a PS3 in their lives.

skrug2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

actually psp was software hack, atleast in the earlier days. they used a tif overflow exloit, or a game save file exploit. then came flashing the battery to get service mode.

ps3 hack is a hardware (usb mod) with stolen code

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siyrobbo2997d ago

i remember when the king kong exploit was found on the 360, the hackers told microsoft about it before the public knew, and it was patched, same with the jtag exploit, that was patched before the public knew about it. If i remember correctly the people who did it were only interested in seeing if they could actually do it, shame that didnt happen for the ps3. It will get patched, but now people know they will hold off updating

bustamove2997d ago

Have a bubble on me. Well said.

sdtarm2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Whatssup man what r u playing Halo 3??? ODST??? HAHAHA get a girlfriend

I did the same hellsvacancy, Have a bubble ;)

shoddy2997d ago

any of you play it yet?

serious question.

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ZombieAutopsy2997d ago

Anyone who thinks Sony doesn't have people working on this from a technical stand point is naive, so why not try to screw everyone over who is making them do the work.

Gothdom2997d ago


And with the court ruling in Australia, it's free and easy money.

siyrobbo2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

but its too late, the damage has been done, this needed to be patched before anyone knew about it. The only way to patch it is with an optional update

One plus for sony is the 3d and move update, if you want to use either your going to have to update your firmware

Biggest2997d ago

No such thing as optional when the games themselves include the update. But I guess thieves are happy with the same old games over and over. Free is free, right?

siyrobbo2997d ago

yes but they will be patching games to remove updates, plus is sony going to go to every ps3 users homes and forcably insert games into peoples systems? no, people will have the option to play them or not, or wait until a patch is available, just like the psp

No one knows how this situation is going to unfold, or what can be done about it. who knows in 1 years time everyone may have forgotten that the dongle even existed, or everyone may have one

Fishy Fingers2997d ago

Much like the 360, they'll no doubt be able to detect who is using pirated or modified software (or hardware) online and issue bans accordingly.

I really think this is all being blown out of proportion (hard to believe I know, with this being the internet), again, much like the 360, even if they get this all up and running and in the public sector, the vast majority will not use it for whatever reason.

Personally I'd actually love the ability to run homebrew on my PS3, it's the main reason I own a PSP. There is more to it than pirating games (which I dont do).

jerethdagryphon2997d ago

sonys been very quiet we only heard of the legal side you bet your ass sony ibm and toshiba (all cell partners) are working on something to protect all there investment

it could be as simple as a firmware update that prevents booting code form usbs

or a redesign of ps3s to change how usb interacts with the rest of the system

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