Develop Interview: Sony's Michael Denny on 3D Insomniac & Media Molecule

Develop: "Here we speak to Michael Denny, the senior VP of SCE’s Worldwide Studios in Europe, to discuss the challenges and benefits of 3D content, and we ask about the evolving relationship with developers Insomniac and Media Molecule."

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Faztkiller3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Good Interview asked some good questions

THC CELL3028d ago

lbp 2 my number one game this year cant wait

gt5 is also on my list with gt5 wheel

Pennywise3028d ago

Which wheel are you getting?

iamnsuperman3028d ago

Same LBP 2 is just going to be amazing it beats Killzone 3, Socom 4, Ruse, Assassins creed brotherhood, infamous 2 as the top game I can't wait to play

Boody-Bandit3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

My racing setup is ready and waiting.
Bring it on!

Pennywise I know you didnt ask me but this is how I will be turning laps in GT5.
Wheels - Fanatec 911S w/ clubsport pedals.
Logitech G27 w/ wheel and shifter mod.
Dual Buttkickers
HD-DD / DTS Sound processor
Def Tech Pro 2000 center - 1000 monitors - 1000 sub
Playseat Evo Pro

Gentlemen start your engines!

Pennywise3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Wow, you went all out! I am thinking about getting the G27.

Its either the wheel or I spend my accessory money on Move. Don't know which yet... it will probably be both. (Plenty of time for the wheel to be bought)

Redempteur3028d ago

tooo expensive .. i cann't buy these !! but i want to play like that ...

what to do ?

Pennywise3028d ago

You can get the normal logitech wheel and pedals

3028d ago
outrageous3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Media Molecule selling out to Sony in this day and age borders on insane and moronic. They could of easily ported LBp over to the Nintendo Wii and 360 and tripled there sales and consumer base. Plus all the money they could of made from DLC. I won't even mention the fact these dummies just gave away there IP to Sony for Sony could turn around tomorrow and give there IP to Insomniac and these guys would be shit out of luck. As for LBP looks like LBP 1 and that's why nobody is really talking about it.

The 3D marketplace is changing almost daily with rumors of glasses-less 3DTv's coming out in 2011. Toshiba has said that they have a glasses-less 3dTV coming out in 2011. Sony has ESTIMATED that 3D compatible Tv's will take 50% of the new TV marketplace in like in 4 years...LMFAO.

Sony should of bought Insomniac. This seems to be a sore spot for Sony that Insomniac is making a multi-platform game. Whats the big deal??? Insomniac is still making PS3 exclusives. Now if the multi-plat game sells millions, Sony should be worried.

outrageous3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

So Media Molecule says there game can only be on PS3? I guess it must be Listen, that game could be made on any system, including the Wii. Sure, on the Wii it's graphics would be downgraded but the game would be basically the same. They showed LBP to Peter Molyneux and Lionhead when they worked Peter, unfortunately for him, decided his plate was full and passed on the idea.

The point I was making was that Media Molecule would of tripled the amount of money they have now and they would OWN the IP. What Sony did was buy the IP at a very cheap price. These guys could leave tomorrow but the IP belongs to Sony forever.

Look what happen to Realtime and Crackdown. M$ basically dropped Realtime and they gave the game they created to a bunch of ex Realtime employee's ( Ruffian ) for half the price. Of course the game is not as good because the creative behind the franchise is not overseeing it. There is a lesson to be learned there for all devs who have developed a special game and may want to hold on to it. It happens all the time. M$ has a big list of ex devs and M$ owns all there IP's. Same with Sony and all pubs.

If you think there is anything on PS3 that could not be done on 360 in terms of graphics and game play, you are mistaken. Space constraints are real and there is no comparison between a blu-ray disc and DvD9 but that's not the whole story. Halo Reach is launching on all 360 machines, Hard drive or not. Have you seen Halo forge world and the user created features? Far Cry 2 had a great map creator tool/model. Alan Wake uses 2.5 gb of space for all game play video. MM is owned by Sony and as such, has to tow the company line...nothing new.

@cowdung...nobody is trolling except mabe a buthurt kid like yourself. The comments about Insomniac were directed at Sony being upset that Insomniac is making a multi-platform game. MM is a different topic all together...get a grip.

anh_duong3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

outrageous how old are you? if you are older then ten years old then that is very sad..

i don't give a rats rear about exclusives.. all i care are the GAMES - regardless of what system they come on..

you are lucky i even spent some of my time talking to you.. normally i ignore fanboys because they WILL never change.. they are so brainwashed that no amount of reasoning can affect how they think..

btw: i called insomniac going multiplatform early this year (infact i called it last year when i knew the opened a new studio to focus on multi-console development) and way before the official announcement.. it came as absolutely no suprise to me.. (i also called valve going multi again even when no expected it and i was slightly out on mass effect 2 coming to ps3 on e3 instead of gamescom)..

iamnsuperman3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

You can't call anh_duong a troll but have you looked at your self??????
Right there is an easier way to see if LBP could of been multi play by waiting for the create thing from EA.. I know its not by the same developer and that has issues in it self but lets just see anyway....Just because Microsoft does something doesn't mean Sony does it as well. If media molecule decide to become multi plat and Sony let them the franchise wouldn't be passed on to someone else unless it was up to standard.... Just because it happened to crackdown doesn't mean it applies to all games....I am unsure what you mean by "Space constraints are real and there is no comparison between a blu-ray disc and DvD9" There is a comparison between DVD 9 and Blu-ray disc:
DVD-1 SS SL 1 1 8 1.46 1.36
DVD-2 SS DL 1 2 8 2.66 2.47
DVD-3 DS SL 2 2 8 2.92 2.72
DVD-4 DS DL 2 4 8 5.32 4.95
DVD-5 SS SL 1 1 12 4.70 4.37
DVD-9 SS DL 1 2 12 8.54 7.95
DVD-10 DS SL 2 2 12 9.40 8.75
DVD-14 DSSL+DL 2 3 12 13.24 12.33
DVD-18 DS DL 2 4 12 17.08 15.90
25 GB (single-layer)
50 GB (dual-layer)
100/128 GB (BDXL)
For a relatively new company to go straight to multi plat is hard so the exclusive route is easier....btw exclusive games tend to be better on their respective console because of working with it for two years or so and you know how to use the machine to the fullest instead of porting it....for example halo, gears, uncharted 2 and many more

Redempteur3028d ago

i don't get you ..MM went to see different people and only sony listened they have the backing of one of the big 3 ( technical and financial ), AKA sony to release a even more ambitious game than the first .. who cares about money ?? all they need is the money to run their projects and they have that already ..

Besides LBp is all about it's community ..why split it ? First nintendo didn't want LBP1 ..second LIVE doesn't give freedom to dev, to do what they want online ...

they have every reason ( for now ) to stay with sony ...

DigitalAnalog3028d ago

"The design decisions on the PS3 are huge, and I'm sure you realise that having a hard drive on every unit makes a difference. That's another thing - if we didn't have a hard drive on every unit, we'd have to scale back the ambition of what you could save and do.

"So yes, you could make this game on the 360, but it'd be a different game."

Blu-ray capacity, Evans pointed out, also made a difference, with LittleBigPlanet occupying around 40GB because of its tutorial content for players and creators."

Read that.

Re-read that again.

Re-re-read that again.

See that. It's not the graphics NOR gameplay that's not possible on the 360.


-End statement

SoapShoes3028d ago

@Outrageous, Redempteur is right... MM did seek out different companies to support their idea and Sony is the only one that made the effort to support it as they liked the idea.

Microsoft did not like it because they are against user created stuff on their network, they are very strict with Live. I don't know about Nintendo...

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anh_duong3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

for the sake of every other ps3 owner please don't ever buy a ps3

you bitch and moan that sony buys media molecule and then you bitch and moan that sony doesn't buy insomniac.. wtf?!?!?

troll much??

3028d ago