10° Browser Game Pick: Turbo Turbo Turbo "If you've been wondering about whatever happened to messhof's racing game 34t, wonder no more. His arcade racer prototype has resurfaced on Adult Swim as Turbo Turbo Turbo, featuring nine tracks to compete in and a bar brawling game that will appeal to sore losers who just can't accept defeats.

You're an unnamed race car driver who has to place first in every race using any means necessary, which includes shoving or boosting into other racers to make them crash out of the competition. If your vehicle is wrecked in an accident, your mentor offers you a chance to redeem yourself by sneaking into the winner's after party to start a bar fight. Everyone who is hurt in the brawl will be disqualified, and the last person standing (hopefully that means you) will be declared as the new winner for the race."

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