72% of PS3 owners own Blu-ray movie

It's clear that the next-gen movie format wars are shifting towards a victor. New data from Home Media Research shows that Blu-ray is gaining significant momentum, selling twice as many discs in the first half of this year than HD DVD. Sales of Blu-ray disc movies totaled 1.6 million units, compared with 795,000 HD DVD discs. Over the course of both formats' lifetimes, Blu-ray has about a 1 million unit advantage. Could PS3 be the reason for such a significant boom in Blu-ray sales?.....

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Lord Anubis4018d ago

I own 5 blu-ray movies.

I'm blue

marinelife94018d ago

The math doesn't make sense. If there are roughly 4 million PS3's out there and then 2.5 million divided by 4 million is only 62.5%.

And that's assuming that no one who owns a stand alone player doesn't own a disk. And that each PS3 owner only own one movie.

Texas GMR4018d ago

When you don't have any games to play, the only thing left to do is watch movies! LOL

Don't they give you 5 free movies now when you buy a PS3? Oh, good article! HAHAHA

sonarus4018d ago

they also give 5 free hd-dvd's morons. 300 was a movie that pretty much appeals to the same audience as gamers so these gamers went out and purchased 300. its that simple. I predict 300 will be the highest sellin blu ray movie for the yr or maybe spidey 3 can top it. am waiting for spidey 3 and pirates of the carribean 3 2 drop so i can buy trilogies hahaha. and WB needs to hurry up with matrix so i can trilogy cop dat 2

mccomber4018d ago

"The NPD Group released results from their "Next Gen Functionality & Usage" report and some of the numbers are surprising.

According to the results, only 40% of PlayStation 3 owners polled were aware the machine had a Blu-ray player and about 50% of that number had popped in a Blu-ray movie during the last 10 times they turned on the machine -- the other half didn't use the feature."

snoop_dizzle4018d ago

that was one thing i am wondering

khellendros14018d ago

Yeah, somebody forgot to carry the 1. I agree with this report more than the other. I just don't thinks 6 out of 10 people would pay $500 to $600 for something and not know what they were buying. Plus it's all over the box.

aslucher4018d ago

well you have to think how do they get these numbers? i mean how do they know which ps3 owners bought blu-ray movies? i own 5... i mean i guess they could do surveys but only a small portion of people do the surveys... how do they get these? seems like some people guessed to get numbers...

Vip3r4018d ago

1 for me. But I've rented a few from Blockbuster though.

Odion4018d ago

ya i was about to say... NPD said differently