360 Avatars were originally intended for MSN Messenger

Rare has revealed that it originally pitched Avatars for use with Microsoft's instant messaging service MSN Messenger rather than Xbox 360, but it wasn't until "after the Wii came out" that Microsoft decided to use them for their home console.

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mushroomwig2999d ago

Why can't they use them for both MSN and the 360?

2999d ago
Baka-akaB2998d ago

my god , dont invade msn please.
Or at least have OPTIONAL

Redempteur2998d ago

if they invade msn i'll find a custom version where i can turn them off !!
Not everyone is pleased by the turn of avatars/mii this gen

TotalPS3Fanboy2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

you always have the option of not using MSN.

RBLAZE19882998d ago

or start charging for msn messenger because that's msoft.

pixelsword2998d ago

This sound like more "Microsoft invented Avatars" spin from Microsoft's PR, but it could be a good thing because maybe they're putting news like this out because they're about to upgrade what the avatars can do in XBL.

It could also be a bad thing if they charge for it on top of upping the price of XBL.

Games4M - Rob2998d ago

That goes some way to explaining why they look like shit then.

Honest_gamer2998d ago

Avatars in my opinion are awesome way better than the Playstation home guys BECAUSE of the following reasons
1 it’s easier
2 it’s faster
3 it’s simpler to use
4 they have a wide variety of things (not nearly as much as home thought)
5 I don’t want to spend 30 minutes making up a very realistic person with exact numbers of freckls, how big the fore head is, man boobs and stuff
i would also like to see this implemented into home

Baka-akaB2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

simpler to use ? they mostly stand there doing nothing but taking half your screen and your money ... outside of games with them of course .

And creating a home avatar is nearly the same process ... no ne spend that much time into their design , the rest is with costumes

No offense but all i see is a load of bollocks reasons that could be simplified by a justified " i prefer avatars"

Baka-akaB2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

at least when insulting someone try to have the name right .

But thanks for getting worked up and proving my point , and your name tag wrong , anyway

Honest_gamer2998d ago

"Simpler to use" i mean simple to create them, hell all i see is two bollocks counter arguments to what I put forward go harass some “girls” on home

Redempteur2998d ago

try home for once before you go saying stuff about simplicity and harassement ..harassement was active during the first month of home and it went down thank to the new moderation policies and the stuff to do ( yep some people were bored before )

i can spend hours, days with a female avatar without harassement in HOME

Brklynty12998d ago

playing with avatars lol boy i see why nintendo just gave them up youd thnk MS purchased them to evolve the 360

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