Xbox 360 and PS2 recommended for Christmas.

In its annual run-up-to-Christmas report card (others would call that autumn), GamePro has recommended that gamers shell out on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2 if they're looking to buy a new console before the turn of the year

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D_U_I4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Then it breaks down hahahahahahahahahaha

Edit: The PS9, what the hell u think. The Lagbox 360 of course...
Your name should be power of red...... and flashing hahahahahaha

SonyDefenseForce4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

it's a Perfect System with Plenty of Family, Casual and Hardcore games, it has a Huge Game Library for every section of Gamers, there is just more Family Gamers out there so that is why the Wii is making so much more Buisness, the 360 will never touch that cause it Supports all Partys of Gamers and deosn't have that Child Friendly look to it, so please can you guys stop hating on the 360 its a perfect Console for the Holiday season and so is the Playstaion 2, it has plenty of games to play and i know some Kids that would Love a PS2, if anything the PS3 is definitley not a Perfect Gift for Christmas, im not saying it's a Bad Product but the Thing is $600 freakin Dollars what kind of Parents are going to shell out that kind of money just to get a Gift for there Kid on Christmas?

jromao4052d ago

Christmas is time of joy, not to spend that happy hours crying over 360 red rings.


Anything but Cute4052d ago

You can get it on PC, and it will probably play unless your computer is ancient. If not you can always sell it on amazon and make most of you money back. Bishock on PC is currently the # 18 best seller in video games on Amazon. So it's selling on PC also.

You can get around this, you don't need an XBOX 360. This is the only good game they have.

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the worst4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

its built 2 last
just like the ps2
its worth every dime
dont have 2 worry about it
burning out
(you get what you paid for
you paid for crap
and you get crapped on)
!!with a long warranty!!

Ri0tSquad4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Unless you wanna wait until after Christmas to spend a extra 100 dollars on a 80gb. And its a good blu ray movie player.

Omega Kaze4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Your only defense is that it breaks down? And now that the problem seems to be fixed with the heat sinks and the latest models that means that this christmas they will be getting good 360's. I'm sure you can come up with something better than just that.

Besides who wants to argue over something like this? oh wait this whole playstation fanboy site does...well have fun.

segasage4052d ago

that's all they have gotten in the last 3 months. "what if it breaks down "

Hopefully the new MS consoles come out for the holidays and put this RROD jokes to rest.

really, I don't have to post the games but the 360 has some great games coming. It has a cheaper price-pont, and very close to the Wii now and bigger gaming library.

for the casual gamer/tiny tim and parents, thats what it's all about. the ps3 doe shave some good games but the price is still high. the wii will sell like it has. the ps2 continues to sell pretty well but more are expected to go HD this holiday so after seeing hd next-gen gaming, they will put the ps2 to rest soon.

Ri0tSquad4052d ago

until Christmas and you power it up and the next 2 hours you have 3 flashing red lights and your calling up 1-800-4myxbox (lol i memorized it) and there telling you wont get to play it for another 4 weeks so we can get it fixed.

Omega Kaze4052d ago

Hey I do know how it feels, actually mine in the shop right now! haha. But yes it sucks, I purchased my 360 and it broke down right away at first. But at least now mircosoft is owning up to it. It doesnt make it right still but at least now they have (hopefully) fixed the problem.
Im actually just mad of all the pointless arguing that take place on this site. and also how if there was a story that said "Breaking News: Ps3 is better than the 360!" it would go right to the top, even if it was based on nothing. Hopefully people get over this whole console war expecaily when we are just gamers looking for a good game to play.

kn4052d ago

@Riot -- you do know that every major retailer has a 30 day return policy and over the holidays they will extend it. If you open the box and it is defective or fails within 30 days, you'll simply take it back for a new one. Try again.

segasage4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

you purchase a 360 and it RROD on your first attempt, and you send it to MS instead of bringing it back to the store?

You lieing sack of Sh!t, how is anyone suppose to believe that?

Logic tells us, you bring it back to the store the next day. Knowing these consoles does have issue, you would even get an extended warranty.

Oh yeah and whatever "KN" said.

pilotpistolpete4052d ago

Its like that the ps3 is expensive and has no games. Its just fanboys running their mouths and trying to ruin every news about a console. And trust me, there's a load of xbox fanboys here as well, its just because your a fan of the 360 that you only take notice of the sony fanboys.

What a world we live in.

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toughNAME4052d ago

Gamepro is full of xbots :/


Odion4052d ago

just like 1up, and gamespot right? oh and CVG?

lol thats one hell of a list

Xbot lover Sites!

and on a wensday IGN

jtmill074052d ago

Odion don't forget G4Tv

snakeak4052d ago

but you can play all the PS2 games on the PS3, and then get the best of both worlds.

BIadestarX4052d ago

Or you can buy a PS2 + XBox 360 and a few games... and still save money... and get the best of both worlds..

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