GoldenEye 64 designer slams Activision over Wii remake

ONM: Martin Hollis, the designer of the original GoldenEye game, has spoken out about Activision's decision to revive the Bond classic for Wii, saying he finds it hard to imagine the company wanting to do justice to Rare's N64 game.

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jack_burt0n2999d ago

he is right no point in calling it goldeneye it looks like its going to be able to stand on its own as a great game.

darkcharizard2999d ago

Yeah maybe so, but the brand name brings Activision lots more money :P

And I don't think this game will be good at all. Eurocom are mediocre devs, and they can't match up to the expectations.

Let's hope they prove me wrong!!

MicroSony4Life2999d ago

The majority of the Wii crowd are between the age of 6-15, which means that they have probably never watched the movie or played the original game. The Wii crowd will buy this becasue of the lack of quality shooter on the Wii and not for the Golden Eye game.

I would love to play this game being that I am a big Bond fan but do not want to play it with motion controlls, no matter how smooth it is.

ChickeyCantor2999d ago

" The majority of the Wii crowd are between the age of 6-15, which means that they "

Stats plox.

Seferoth752999d ago

@MicroSony4Life, They've shown the golden classic controller many times. You do not have to use motion controls for the game.

Are you 12 and just upset this isnt on your chosen console? You know nothing about the game or the console it is on. Kinda hard to take anyone that clueless seriously

Ocelot5252999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

the fact that that mature games don't sell on the wii(manhunt for example) proves that the audience of the wii exists out of kids and casuals

this is also underlined by the fact that the games-bought-per-owner-ratio is lower than on the other consoles

bringing goldeneye to the wii and not the 360 and PS3 was a mistake, ofc the die hard nintendo here fans will disagree, but the sales numbers of goldeneye wii will prove me right.

ChickeyCantor2998d ago

"casuals "

Ah, so casuals are 5 to 16 now?
Great...ill just take another cup of WTF and masterbate to sleep.

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SpoonyRedMage2999d ago

Title is slightly misleading, he's just telling it like it is. Activision cares more about profit, but the developers are going to make it the best they can.

Did ANYONE think differently?

Baka-akaB2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I wouldnt read too much into it anyway , be it crap or respectful homage .

Remember that Rare wanted to release an HD remake of Goldeneye on 360 and that nintendo gave them a kick in the nades .

Even if the reamake was done by Blizzard or any high profiled dev , there would be some resentment and spite over it

Kurt Russell2999d ago

Focus should be on a Killer Instinct re-make... that would actually make me wet.

DA_SHREDDER2999d ago

fps games play like shit one the wiimote. Forealz. Even the psmove looks like it suffers while playing a fps.

matey2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

even the psmove looks like it suffers u idiot stop talking rubbish move uses a weird way to do fps not IR like the wii where u can move as fast as u like the move sort of moves a second behind u when playing fps because of the way it works theres no getting away from it the move isnt as good as wiimote IR no where near read what people say about Socom i mean people who are not biassed and play it they say its not 1on1 like wii i play pc/wii and the wii controls are as good as pc FULL STOP

Thecraft19892999d ago

all this is untrue all the reviews for move have said its like 1:1 controls. I am sure ps eye can track alot better than the wii sensor bar.

Seferoth752999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

@Thecraft, You'd be wrong then and from your own post it is obvious you understand nothing bout how either work.

Wii uses a camera built into every Wii remote and that camera tracks a sensor bar with 2 sensors on it. The Move uses a camera to track a single sensor on controller.

Of course the Wii remote is better it uses 2 points of reference for tracking. Move onlu\y uses 1.

You seriously thought the sensor did the tracking? I'd suggest not commenting on either til you actually have some kind of clue how they work.

Horny2999d ago

I play cod on the wii and love the controls especially for world at war. I got bored of the HD version but love the wii version because of the controls.
FPS games with the wii mote and move are a whole lot more fun once you get the controls down.

matey2999d ago

Your right until u said wiimote and move wiimote IR yes move isnt the same its laggy because the camera is tracking u and the light on move so its pointing at u the wiimote has infa-red camera in wiimote that tracks the lights which are inside sensor bar so its more responsive this way plus move looks childish with a ping pong ball that changes colour at the end of controller what a joke look camera in your hand (wiimote)is better than a big light on your controls to be tracked by camera doesnt make sense example is on youtube someone used Move on the ps3 menu and said its tricky to enter certain menus because he said u move the cursor and it clearly has a delay unlike when using IR in wii menu/browser u cough and the pointer moves so responsive its unreal

stragomccloud2999d ago

@thecraft 1989

That's true because the sensor bar is not a sensor bar at all!! It's just a line of lights that emit only in the infrared spectrum, which the Wii remote reads and interprets.

However, it's because of this that the Wii remote reacts(for pointer control) faster. The playstation eye reads the move controller and then move playstation interprets both the eye and the move. But the Wii remote does interpreting so it sends signals directly back to the Wii. It's like cutting out the middle man. Just Wii and Wii Remote.

HOWEVER!!!! Last time I checked... 1 frame doesn't make that much of a difference! And, ALSO, last time I checked, the effect if virtually the same. So in the end, it's ALL good♪ :)

smoothdude2998d ago

I didn't know that the Wiimote was better than move because it was IR. That is good to know. Move does look ridiculous.

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