Msxbox - Mafia II - Playboy mags + Wanted Posters Interactive Map

Msxbox-World has posted a handy interactive map for getting all those collectibles.

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shades722699d ago

Very useful, although the mags aren't hard to find, I wonder why!

pr0digyZA2699d ago

That is true. I only got one poster and that was because my car flipped over a fence and wouldn't let me out (no jump button)so i was walking along wall and found one , there's freaking 150 of them, you'll definately need a walk through if they are all in random places like my one i got.

Excalibur2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

and very appreciated BUT It would be nice to see one that has the actual number of the poster on the map.

The main menu has them broken down by number and when you start getting down to the last few it would be nice to go after that specific one.

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