The Six Greatest Cliff Bleszinski Quotes

NowGamer trawls Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski's interviews and tweets for the cream of the quote crop - "There are few individuals in the games industry as outspoken, debated or viewed under such intense scrutiny as Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski. For whatever reason the Gears of War designer has shot to such immeasurable notoriety, the fact remains that he’s a force to be reckoned with."

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Feckles2938d ago

I can't quite work out who should be insulted by the terrorists/Jihad/heaven/Katy Perry quote.

Probably everyone.

fastrez2938d ago

It's really bad, needs to think before he tweets.

outrageous2938d ago

Is the author, Dave Cook some sort of Who would compile such a list except a moron like Scotland's own Dave Cook. Talk about desperation...yeah Dave " the moron " Cook, I heard from a guy who knows someone that saw the building where Ciff works...apparently Cliff tried to be funny and no one laughed or found it your expose....LMFAO.

skyward2938d ago

Dom in Gears of War always makes me think of Ben Stiller in 'Extras'

"Would you stop going on about your fucking dead wife?!"

Sounds like the sort of thing dudhuge would come out with...

Nike2938d ago

Will NowGamer ever stop with these unimaginative, repetitive lists?

And heat-spamming their stories on to the front page?

fastrez2938d ago

Don't think posting the URL about to get clicks is against the rules mate. In fact, it's how websites stay in business. Deal with it.

tdrules2938d ago

thank fuck you're not in advertising

Feckles2938d ago

Maybe they should do more stories about the number of polygons in games.

Kingdom Come2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Awesome. I don't care what anyone else thinks, the guys brilliant.

DelbertGrady2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I love his games, and I love lots of games that utilize the Unreal engine. Can't wait to play Gears of War 3 and Batman Arkham City!

doshey2938d ago

im sad that he gets away with boinking chickens

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The story is too old to be commented.