EA Fixing The Newly Released Madden 08

EA released word this afternoon that it is already planning a patch for the newly released Madden '08 on the Wii. The news came from their official website.

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God of Gaming3937d ago

I often wonder what we did before online... I know games have always had glitches but my word... seems EVERY game needs to be patched now post release...

bym051d3937d ago

Seems to me that built-in storage is a double-edged sword. Devs no longer have the pressure to get it right on release. They can throw something out, get the sales, and then fix the problems later.

rbanke3937d ago

There may be some truth to that. It seems with the high cost of most games and the pressure to get them released on time, some of the Q/A aspect of games seems to be less of a priority to the executives than $$$ is.

Although the bright side of this. Where back in the day if a game was released buggy, it was most likley going to be a failure and anyone who bought it would be stuck with a crap game. Now at least they have a chance to fix problems.

BrotherNick3936d ago

I wonder if the Nintendo Seal has any meaning anymore. They should know that we have a lack of space for a patch...all our virtual console games and stuff take it all up...I'm disappointed in EA and Nintendo, and they prolly did make a lot of money on this game, so at least they're making a patch.

game-over3937d ago

When I am playing online I have noticed when you hike the ball it automatically throws it right away, It is very hard to get it not to do this. Hopefully the lag fix will help fix this. Has anyone else experienced this? I got to where I just had to stop throwing the ball? They should release a patch so you can hike with a different motion/button or something. It is very annoying and I have lost games because of it. Hopefully this fixes it but I am not to hopeful.

kn3937d ago

You have to be careful that when you hike the ball that the controller does not move forward at all or you will "lob" pass the ball to the default primary receiver.

Bottom line is this game sucks the sweat off a a gnat's sack. Hopefully the patch fixes the other dozen or so bugs in the game.

game-over3937d ago

If someone does the hurry up offense they automatically get a false start penalty and being that the sprint button is the same as selecting hurry up offense after the play is over combined with the lag people will often unintentionally choose hurry up offense and then automatically get a false start for doing so. Thats like a double glitch.

jro2113937d ago

they need to do some damn tweakin with the PS3 version.

BrotherNick3936d ago

They need to quit making crappy reiterations of franchises, or do it right before the less nerdy and nitpicky customers notice, and don't buy it.