New Call of Duty Black Ops Video Shows A 7 Kill Streak

Watch the new video of Call of Duty 7: Black Ops.

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TheIneffableBob2996d ago

Some pretty crazy bullet magnetism at 2:10.

HSx92996d ago

Did you guys see that SMG?!? Killed them in around 2 shots, this game has dun goof'd!

SilentNegotiator2996d ago

Looks about as unbalanced as Modern Warfare 2.

goflyakite2995d ago

Ya, I got really excited for a bit after watching people's thoughts who actually played it. They said it took a lot more to kill and actually required skill.

Then I watch this and I am disappoint.

user8586212996d ago

I know!!! I had to rewatch the video constantly, Kill guys while aiming down.... -_-'

xCaptainAmazing2996d ago

I know right? I want the BULLET MAGNET killstreak :)

jaosobno2996d ago

This game tries to be modern warfare 2 on so many levels. Hell, if I didn't know it's black ops, I'd say its MW2.

doshey2996d ago

gee this guy figure out the call of duty formula, you win a blank space


xAlmostPro2996d ago

i have to disagree.. the formula may be the same, but the main 'formula' has to stay the same to make it COD, theres tonnes of new features and things that werent in mw2.. each new COD takes a few things from the last..

but mw2 was good at base filled with crappy unbalanced perks killstreaks and a plague of players that have no skill and just camp or boost.. atleast this time it seems more balanced and they've removed alot of BS perks.. so yeah..

and it dont even think it 'looks' like mw2, guns have there own style and so do the characters/maps..

to many people seem so desperate to hate on this game because of how bad mw2 was lol

Scary692995d ago

I dont know what video you were looking at but this all seems the same just different perks. On the one video you see the guy just camping waiting for people to come up. The bigger the map the more they camp.

RonRico2996d ago

That and the maps are much bigger, or at least they look more diverse, like COD5.

animelover104872996d ago

-"where's that guy at"
-"Oh,$hit an RC car"
*runs for his life*

user8586212996d ago

same sh*t all over again, this time with stupid weapons

Ninja-Sama2996d ago

The gameplay looks fun, but the guns are looking horrible and the graphics seem a step down from MW2 imo. Huge letdown.

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The story is too old to be commented.