Bioshock "Secret" Achievements Revealed *Spoilers*

These are the "Secret" Achievements from the game Bioshock. *Soilers* Do not read if you don't want certain aspects of the story spoiled for you.

The poster states that he got the list from his friend, but the list has apparently been confirmed to be true.

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God of Gaming4051d ago


I really wish I did not click on that link :(

jay34051d ago

But hey, it doesn't give away anything really when it comes to the storyline. Just what happens to certain people.

There's still a LOT more to find out even after reading this. That makes me a lot happier.

toughNAME4051d ago

aahhhh i saw the first one

this is a majorrrr spoiler

i suggest not to read it

Sphinx4051d ago

I want to read but I know it'll spoil something for me... and I don't want that to happen... anyone who read them, can you give us a general idea, without spoilers? You know, like they are story based, i.e. Completed Mission #1... or are they more out of the way secretive like Poked Dead Chick with Stick.

ps1h1ch4051d ago

My hint for you:

For some achivements just take your camera and take pictures of some important in-game peeple.

socomnick4051d ago

not gona ruin the game rather not read it.

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