Halo: A Modern Masterpiece

TheSixthAxis looks at where it all began, and how Bungie's FPS has defined a generation.

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HarryMonogenis2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

This article is extremely accurate- Halo introduced some exceptionally good features that are now standard in FPS's..

Nike2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Most of the features it "introduced" have already been in FPS titles before Halo.

You could command vehicles in Operation Flashpoint. It also had a similar "open battlefield" format.

The "regenerating shield" concept of Halo, which later evolved into the "regenerating health" system in Halo 2 and 3 was first introduced in Faceball 2000 for the SNES and Genesis. Halo and Call of Duty were the franchises that popularized the concept, not just Halo alone.

Tribes 2 came out a few months before Halo, and you were only able to carry two weapons at a time in the game.

Not quite able to remember all the other "features" it introduced that are now "standard". If you could list them, I'm sure I'd be able to find other games that "did it first".

Gam3s4lif32995d ago

yea but halo changed gaming forever..first successful console FPS

THC CELL2995d ago

What i been trying to say man
People claim halo created a new fps gen

They have took a bunch of ideas

Halo is nothing more than a milked Masterpiece
Just my opinion

I wish we could go back to the days when x box crown was wolfenstine games and rainbow six games not a game that is milked to bits.

Why not make halo better add 256 players make it a real battle,
make it like MAG where you need a team and not bet on one person winning a match ??

SaberEdge2995d ago

You guys do realize the same thing could be said about almost any game. If you want to be picky enough there is always some previous, obscure example you can dig up to make a game seem unoriginal, even if the combination of features had never been seen before and genuinely felt fresh at the time.

Pick the most original game you can think of and I guarantee I can tear it apart and make it seem derivative.

dtalon32995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

so what are you trying to say? because to me what it sounds like is this

I should give more credit to the guy who invented an aero dynamic gliding structure than the guy who took that idea along with a bunch of other great ideas and put them together to make the airplane...

yeah, that is what I thought. your just another guy who wont give credit where it is due. Not that it matters anyways the franchise defined a genre along with call of duty and you don't like it...get over it, Millions of copies are about to be sold.

lolzers2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Halo was the first fps to popularise the regenerating shield/health aspect. The first Call of Duty still had the 'hoover up the healthpacks' technique that many fps games had at the time, it was only after Halo came out that the series introduced regenerating health.

A game may have had the same idea years before, but Halo was the game that made it popular.

DelbertGrady2995d ago

"Why not make halo better add 256 players make it a real battle,
make it like MAG where you need a team and not bet on one person winning a match ??"

I guess you've never played Capture the flag or the Generator Defense mode that was in the beta? Why would anyone want to turn Halo into a mediocre unbalanced mess like MAG? If you want a military FPS game that has big battles and relies heavily on teamwork then BF BC 2 is the best one out there. MAG is redundant.

boodybandit2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

GoldenEye is here and they would like to have a word with you.

gamer20102995d ago

Goldeneye didn't have a fraction of the impact that Halo has had.

SixZeroFour2995d ago

halo and bungie perfected balanced fps gameplay on consoles utilizing dual analogue controllers...pretty sure no one can deny that

i chose those words because i do still want to give credit where its due, cs, ut and all the other pc fps' had great ideas/concepts and goldeneye WAS the first popular console fps, but didnt perfect balance because of health and infinite guns to carry at once

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outrageous2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Of course it's a masterpiece...every FPS since Halo has been called a " Halo killer "...why??? Because they want to beat the best. Now recently COD has taken the stage in terms of sales but Halo has been getting it done for years. PS3 has no equal and judging by average games like Insomniacs Resistance series and an average playing KZ franchise, never will.

M$ should have a Halo game every year and I have no idea why they do not. The Halo universe is massive and could easily expand into other areas. They should have a 3rd person halo game with squad controls. Halo Recon was an idea that was bounced around before ODST came out but was never implemented. Halo Wars was a solid RTS and they should continue in that area. I always thought the grunts deserved there own comedic story line. What about the covenant??? How did they come to be? I mean they is alot that came out in the books that could be explored in the games and lots of devs out there looking for work. M$ has been extremely lazy.

Honestly, who cares what the PS3 kids want and like. The PS3 is at the bottom for a reason. The games are all rip offs of other, better franchises. They have nothing original over there and the only reason I own a PS3 is because of KZ and that franchise is being run into the ground game play wise. KZ3 is destined to fail because of Sony...M$ take note.

otherZinc2995d ago

"Campaign" Co-op play: STILL a feature shooters don't have today (*Killzone 1, 2 or 3*) & that's inexcusable!

Halo:CE is a Masterpiece as all the Halo games are & Halo:Reach will be fantastic with tremendous replay value!

kasasensei2995d ago

Halo is for video games what Star Wars is for cinema.

Acquiescence2995d ago

what you said is wrong on so many levels.

kasasensei2995d ago

Oh really? Explain then. You and the ten others disagreeing. Can't wait to see where i am wrong in my statement.... :p

pimpmaster2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

they dissagree b/c they have a ps3

kasasensei2995d ago

I guess you are right, there will be no real explanations from the disagreeing bots.

AllroundGamer2995d ago

i disagreed because i don't think that hype=quality and in terms of quality you just can't compare Halo to such a masterpiece as Star Wars. I finished all Halo games (except ODST, and yes today i finished Reach...) and i still think it's just a generic shooter like any other, also i didn't find many memorable moments in the games, and people who saw Star Wars did memorize many things and quotes from the movies... I played games from the 80s, and i just couldn't fall for the hype around Halo and all the marketing from MS. I mean yeah people recognize Halo, but only as a soldier in a space suit and that's it. That's my opinion as a hardcore gamer who played many many games. Personally i found FinalFantasy 8 and MGS 1 (both first played on PC) as the masterpieces in video games, cause they had great story, lots of twists and the games just pulled me in so much.

BloodyCHAMP2995d ago

without halo where would other shooters be now??

Pistolero2995d ago

that is your taste...many people disagree with you about me the Metal Gear Solid games have the most absurd, convoluted stories around and i never played them for their stories, i just liked the stealth action gameplay. anyway if you think people have loved and played Halo all this time because of marketing or hype you are extremely naive.

AllroundGamer2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

oh come on, like if nobody else wouldn't come up with regenerating health and dualwielded weapons... without Wolfenstein where would halo be?? see i can do that too :D just because some features you can't call halo a masterpiece... it needs more than that to be called that way.

@Pistolero - also many people (and i don't mean the PS3 hardcore fanboys here) would agree with me, but N4G is full of halo fanatics (looking at the disagrees in many Halo articles) hunting for people, that aren't praising halo like if it was a... well a masterpiece :D not everybody needs to like it that much, just a thought... to me it's an ok shooter, nothing more.

karl2995d ago

well. that would explain why the industry its so fucked up..
honestly the only revolutionary game has been half life ..

thats it...

Chucky20032995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

no its not,i think it was the first FPS on console using 2 guns at the same time,but when i first played this game on PC,i was like WTF is this shit,what is so great about it??in that time games like Quake 2,DOOM,Unreal Tournament were 100 times better than this,so its not,the game was the starting point of FPS games on consoles,that's it,nothing more

SaberEdge2995d ago

Those games were not as good in my opinion.

hennessey862995d ago

but there was a predjudice against halo from the pc community. How dare consoles have a decsent fps. I remember it well, pc gamers were never going to give halo ce the credit it deserved

xCaptainAmazing2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I also don't see how this is news. The Halo franchise created (/improved upon) many of the common "standards" in FPS's:

- Matchmaking
- Guest play
- Split-screen online
- Regenerating health
-Two weapons/weapon swapping
- Good complementary vehicle combat
- Controller layout
- Awesome multiplayer design that essentially mixed GoldenEye and Unreal

There are other games that have made excellent contributions, but few (none actually) have managed to parallel the feature set Bungie implements in their games. I am personally very excited to see what they come out with next. I really pity those that never got into halo and slag it just because it's an xbox title. Because, in all honesty, you are plain missing out (even if you don't know it). I'm not trying to be all "commanding" or anything, but that's just the straight up truth of the matter. People are always (stupidly) confused why people choose either console as their preferred gaming machine, and my answer for Xbox is Halo. It is truly special to me and others.

It's a little late-coming, but Uncharted got me interested in PlayStation after all these years, and it was fucking fantastic. Funny that the two developers of these EXCLUSIVE titles get along so well, and nobody here does...

THC CELL2995d ago

i will give them tea bagging lol.

THC CELL2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

You must of just played halo on xbox then,

First of all
Go play games like
Wolfenstine ( a game most players on a xbox console played for a solid 2/3 years)
Call of duty 3
Ghost recon
Rainbow six black arrow and 3 ( a game we played for a solid year or so)
Operation flashpoint 1 ( good but come out too late
Halo 2 was good till modders attacked it ( they should of stopped at halo 2)
Halo 1 was amazing ( shame no online it would of been the most played game on last xbox)

Halo first successful console FPS Get out cause i would choose a rainbow six over halo any day.

halo is milk and cookies for you big baby's out there..
Come play a real game like MAG(underrated) or uncharted 2 what i credit bungie for helping out nd with.

Call of duty black ops will steal halos thunder this year ( even tho i hate call of duty )

Socom 4 for me and killzone 3, Next year can not wait

i finished halo reach last week.

Roozium2995d ago

"Come play a real game like MAG"


xCaptainAmazing2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

You're a retard. Referring to Halo indirectly as "not a real game" is, well, fucking retarded and made your already lame rant lose all credibility. If you can't accept fact, than I can't respect any of your opinions. Sure there were plenty of great fps's before it, but I've never seen a shooter more revered than Halo... actually, it is only rivaled by the Half-Life series in terms of long-standing respect.

Halo certainly isn't the be all, end all game, but neither is any title that exists today. Personally I consider the Ocarina of Time to be the greatest title ever made, but it certainly is not the be all, end all either. 90% of people feel the same way, but I don't slag the other 10%.

And I'm sorry, but MAG does not come close. Halo was great because it was a story/character driven, thrilling, and emotional FPS that brought every great idea before it together into something unique and special. MAG is decent, but I almost threw up in my mouth when I read that. I need a little more than just "point and click." Even if to you the "pointing and clicking" is uber fun. It may be awesome to you and plenty of gamers (I particularly found it a bit bland), but what you did is equivalent to proclaiming Death Race a better film than The Godfather...

Bonus: Single-player > Multi-player, in every genre.

THC CELL2995d ago

Stfu u retard, Halo is a epic story. They made halo online perfect with matchmaking.. Anything eles they have took from other games

You may of never played other games ( maybe call of duty) halo is the only online game good enough for ms cause its the only game ms has to offer you dick Unless you are a gears fan

Look at the dark side MAG,Warhawk,Killzone.+ More.. I guess switching to the darkside has made me see the real gaming world unlike people like u who are stuck to maybe 2 games ? Halo call of duty Fuck me
Go play with your milk.

xCaptainAmazing2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I have both consoles you dick. You're digging yourself a hole, because you quite frankly are making yourself sound like a jackass.

Like, who honestly calls it the fucking Dark Side anymore... are you like 5 years old and in love with Darth Vader's cock? Has the whole world gone crazy?! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Traveler2995d ago

Talking with fanboys does make you feel like you are living in some kind of bizzaro world.

Gam3s4lif32995d ago

I said 'First Successful FPS on Consoles' including high acclaim from critics and i hav played CoD, Ghost Recon and operation flashpoint, they came out after Halo except for operation flashpoint

Gam3s4lif32995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

@THC CELL....if 'Halo is milk and cookies for ppl' then why did u play Halo Reach..according to you u finished it 'last week'. Also CoD is milked and you don't say anything bout that.

THC CELL2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Dont have to spell out to a little kid like you how to get halo reach now. All i can say it has one of the best endings ever.. top 10 of my fav ending.

Halo is nothing but a game for rambo

You can tell call of duty players in mag also its funny how they are all the same

Garrus_Vakarian2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I don't see how 4.5(ODST is the .5 [imo]) games is considered milking. There are much, much, much worse cases of milking out there.

SaberEdge2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

You have indeed proven yourself to be a retard. You aren't the only one that plays games on both consoles. I play MAG too and it is not as good as Halo.

xCaptainAmazing2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Ditto, this guy's a nut job. Opinion can only stretch so far until you notice someone clearly has an issue. Like, as far as triple-A third person action/adventure/shooters go I quite enjoy Gears of War because it's hilarious, but I obviously found Uncharted 2 to be a far more engaging and memorable title from the guys at Naughty Dog. Anyone who has played both can't really argue against it... it's like fact without it literally being fact.

Half the titles compared on this website have a clear winner, it's just that most people haven't played both and have literally no valid opinion on the matter to make a logical claim.

Oh noes! We don't have this game on our console, let's bash it and therefore the value will go down, our console will win, we will rule the world, and everyone will treat us like kings!

SixZeroFour2995d ago

rule 14 on the Rules of the Internet guys...dont even bother

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