Siliconera : Survey Says Japan Is Excited For Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Metal Gear Solid On 3DS

Gaming website 4gamer conducted a massive survey and received 21,810 responses.

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TheLastGuardian3022d ago

Is Snake Eater 3DS even a real game. I thought it was just a tech demo.

PS360WII3022d ago

The Naked Sample was the tech demo... hinting that Snake Eater might be the game that will be on the 3DS but nothing has been confirmed.

Cloudberry3022d ago

"Atlus titles like the Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Etrian Odyssey games ranked pretty high for 4gamer’s readers.

Those series beat out Kingdom Hearts 3D and Gundam. Wow."



Shin Megami Tensei series & fans manage to beat Kingdom Hearts 3D & Gundam.


GO ATLUS!!!!!!!!!

ZombieAutopsy3022d ago

Of course they are, in Japan (and most of the world) people are always excited about those franchises no matter what platform they are on.

3022d ago