Sony America Taking Modchip Seller To Court

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed suit in California against an online retailer, accusing them of a raft of charges including copyright violation.

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r1sh123028d ago

since its been leaked to the internet and no one is selling it.
there is no way to stop it now.
Yea its good sony is taking drastic action but its flooded the net and people will be flashing the chips them selves.

morganfell3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

It won't do them any good. People do not understand that this isn't like the PSP. One firmware update and that boot door is closed.

In the meantime Sony is going to ruin the financial lives of these idiots responsible in the first place. Notice we haven't heard any loudmouth jabbering from those Jailbreak clowns about their legal rights. They have the right, the right to be broke for the next 20 years.

evrfighter3028d ago

you really think a good majority of the people that plan on jailbreaking their ps3 care if they can play online or not?

I know I don't. The only people that should care are the ones who only have a ps3.

Everyone else is just firmware shirmware meh.

dosgrtr3028d ago

u do know that if the new firmware is released it will come on the disc as well,and a person has to update in order to play the game even offline,this is just a temporary scam

also psp iso's above 5.03 firmware on psp 3000 have to be patched and i don't see that happening with ps3 games

squallheart3028d ago

You dont understand that firmware comes on discs. This "hack" allowed them to back up games but in regard to editing the actual blu ray game or system OS, they still cant. It exploits old games but newer games will be patched. BTW i doubt trophy whores would even bother with this as you need a live connection to sync with the server. In this regard trophies gain +10 in defense points.

Hotel_Moscow3028d ago

lets see the amount of online games the amount of games that use trophys = a bunch of gimped games its like haveing a 360 without gold

TotalPS3Fanboy3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

and there is no way to stop it now. However, that doesn't mean Sony's gonna sit back. Sony will still sue them and prevent them from making any money of off the jailbreak.

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Cratos87803028d ago

Things are going in Sony's way in Australia so far

Chris3993028d ago

Oh, and a big "I told you so" to all the naysayers.

Apparently, the chips were using stolen code. Hence why it is so illegal.

@r1sh12. The freeware version doesn't come with game backups enabled. And it doesn't change the fact that a specific - stolen - key will be needed again to enable future functionality (as the firmware will undoubtedly be patched). Running homebrew is not the same as custom firmware or a Game OS.

MicroSony4Life3028d ago

Taking this people to court is the right thing to do but at the same time Sony is drawing alot of media attention to this mod chip situation. Sure majority of the hard core crowld already know but when the general mass get the news it will be like the 360 all over again.

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kagon013028d ago

"In the land of freedom"


Max Power3028d ago

Unless, it impinges upon others.

hay3028d ago

At least this is serious. USA is full of bullsh!t lawsuits.

Naughty Dog3028d ago

Sony might as well take everyone who's selling them to court.

doshey3028d ago

so much for it being safe in the usa

squallheart3028d ago

If australia is any indication i hope they win this case here. I dont want them screwing over the developers out of hard earn money. People need to get a job and buy the products legit, its more satisfactory when you do.

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