2K To Unveil Something Big At PAX

Ironstar: PAX isn't normally a place we expect to see huge video game reveals, but rather enjoy the ones that have been revealed. Take-Two is apperently looking to change that.

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FanOfGaming2997d ago

I hope to see a GTAV, a true GTA title.

Cevapi882997d ago

2k games gentlemen...its probably going to be bioshock

HSx92997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

How do the possibilities of GTAV being announced at PAX remain the same? it's 2K that's going to unveil something.

FanOfGaming2997d ago

Vice City 2 *oh shizz*!!!!

ThanatosDMC2997d ago

Meh, Vice City is too small for what i want. I hope it's as big and grand as SA. Vice City is great for it's music but doesnt come close to the awesomeness of SA.

Red_Orange_Juice2997d ago

don't break the combo of people excited about GTA who didn't read the article and have no idea it's 2K.. :)

FanOfGaming2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Actually it was a confusion of it being Take-Two or 2K Games' announcement, that's what started the GTA speculation.

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ReservoirDog3162997d ago

R* never announce any of their games at these big conventions. So I wouldn't bet on it.

MasterChief36242997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

...but always bet on the Duke.


Pandemic2997d ago

Way to get hits on the site..

WoshJills2997d ago

Subsidiaries of Take-Two consists of Rockstar Games AND 2K Games.

So yeah, if 2K games is announcing's take-two.

That's like saying "hey guys, it's not ZeniMax, it's Bethesda."

Hydrolex2997d ago

LA Noire Gameplay ?

something about Max Payne ? RDR 2 ?

Those are all big

Akagi2997d ago

Though I also hope for a new GTA, I think it's very, very unlikely. They'd break that news at E3 or something.

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Treezy5042997d ago

dude if it's GTAV I will die

DrewPays2997d ago

Oh shit ! GTAV ? I wonder ....

xcroptic2997d ago

Guys its 2k games, not Take two :S

FanOfGaming2997d ago

Noticed, thanks for the tip, sorry for the miss.

Hated Greatness2997d ago

Because I need something new

DrewPays2997d ago

Agreed !!! New IP FTW !!

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The story is too old to be commented.