Too Human Blog: A Realist Approach; Plus New Screens

In their previous blog post Too Human developers discussed how video games ("the eighth art") were using techniques borrowed from movies and the other arts to create an entirely new art form. Specifically, the influence of cinema is seen most clearly in the cut scenes, or cinematics, that are interspersed within most games' gameplay. These scenes tend to emphasize editing using the conventions of Hollywood filmmaking. In this blog, however, Too Human developers want to suggest that sometimes refraining from employing overt cinematic style in the form of editing may be, paradoxically, the most "cinematic" of techniques.

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TheBeginningOfTheEnd4056d ago

all of them look not good. they remind me of xbox games.

BUT they still have tons of time to polish the game. ill be keeping my out for this game

GMR_PR4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

agree with you. Right now thiis game is looking so last gen.

@ Odion- Maybe is that the screens are bad quality.

Odion4056d ago

really I think it looks amaizng

Dr Pepper4056d ago

Sure it may not look the best, but there have been better pictures released and they have plenty of time left to work on it. Also, check out the fire/explosion in the second pic, it looks very good.

GMR_PR4056d ago

the fire look very good. I hope this game turns out to be a great game. I got high hopes for this one.

tony4056d ago

it might surprise us.