Most Anticipated FPS Games of Fall/Winter 2010

One of the most interesting trends in the history of gaming is the FPS trend. Over the years this trend has grown from the original Wolfenstein 3D into a compendium of titles ranging from ID software's Doom to the more recent Modern Warfare line. One of the most compelling and interesting facades of this genre of video games, is the evolution from simple demon based single player games like Doom and Wolfenstein into games like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. With each year bringing even more new technology, designs, and ideas to this genre, what are these gamers looking forward to the most this year?

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AKA2907d ago

I will have to wait untill next year to get it ;)

But I'm sure I will be playing the beta this year .

Yardie2907d ago

Im sure killzone 3 is coming out feb 2011

romalias22907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

That's too long to wait, I want it now... It's definitely one of the most anticipated releases for this winter, even though it won't release until early next year.

Ri0tSquad2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

KZ3 - 2011
Rage - 2011 (delayed)
Crysis 2 - 2011 (delayed)

This article = failure

Lol @ Halo Reach possibly on PC. Hey, who knows...

romalias22907d ago

(Possibly PC after 360) That's kinda like a hint/hope that it does go PC even though only a few have... Rage and Crysis 2 got delayed? I missed that memo... and KZ3 is still winter even though it's actually (winter 2011) that doesn't stop us from looking forward to it right now!

It's a real shame that there are so few good games that are actually coming out before the end of this year though... it seems like a lot of the good games released in summer 2010... Bioshock 2 for 1 :) COD wouldn't have made the list if the editors had let me put BioShock 2 in...