Metroid - Complete History

In light of the brand new addition to this illustrious series, it's time to reminisce about the games that have given it such a reputation.

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CatGlue2972d ago

I can't believe how far we've came, seriously good work Nintendo!

TheDarkGuyv3r2972d ago

A long list of classics, Super Metroid is at the top of my list.

CatGlue2972d ago

Mario is pretty high up there also, Super Galaxy 2 = perfect 10

ReservoirDog3162972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I seriously just cannot get into SMG2. I recognize how good it is but that purple star thing is just annoying to look at.

Maybe I'll try playing it again tomorrow.

edit: This!

On topic though, need to get into Metroid games too. Jeez. Have the trilogy on the Wii. Guess I should do that too.

CatGlue2972d ago

How good is Metroid Other M?

ICC_062972d ago

Other M is awesome! Finally a game to get SMG2 out of my Wii!

kk13872972d ago

Metroid is one of the most achieved franchises out there and you've done a great job looking at its past!

So pumped for Other M.

CatGlue2972d ago

As they say, we need to see study the past to see the future, and see how far we've came.

Wrecker2972d ago

Awesome line of titles!

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The story is too old to be commented.