Sep 1, 2010 PlayStation Move Reviews Are Go-Go-Go, Largely Very Positive

"On the whole, everything’s looking pretty positive for Sony’s motion controller." Still stuck wondering if you should get a Playstation Move? Put your mind at ease with these reassurances from some positive reviews from well-known sites that are surfacing up around the web.

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Agent-863022d ago

Sony must be pleased. Good press right before launch.

hay3022d ago

Got it preordered. Looks fun to play when wasted with buddies.

Qui-Gon Jim3022d ago

I can't wait for shipping. I'm going to physically go to a store and pick one up on launch day.

Cerberus21253022d ago

Qui-Gon Jim you know Amazon its offering a same day delivery.

Qui-Gon Jim3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I was half joking with that comment, too. I have it pre-ordered at Amazon, but truth is, unless they discount it, I can get it cheaper with the discount I get where my wife works.

Nike3022d ago

From what I've seen, reviews for the Move have been positive but only Sports Champions has been getting good reviews.

jack_burt0n3022d ago

tumble got good reviews 8.3 from gametrailers is big for a ps3 game, echochrome 2 has had a good review and re5 gold got good reviews, raquet sports also got a couple good reviews.

They have spread it out quite a bit the next wave of games like ruse and time crisis hit a bit later. Seeing as how its getting patched into older stuff everyone will have something to play.

barom3022d ago

EyePet got pretty good review from IGN (8/10 i believe). In any case it seems the majority agrees that the technology is impressive but lacks the proper software to showcase it. Give it another year, it might be a lot to ask but just think about it. It takes 2 years to develop a game and considering the SDK got released approximately a year ago, it's only natural that it would take another year to see proper Move games.

That said, I'm still quite excited for Kung Fu Live and mildly interested in Sorcery. Having the ability to test it out on SOCOM is pretty nice too.

Nike3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

True. As such, I wouldn't be picking up the casual games (for any motion controller system, even if it were the Wii) but it's good to know there are other good launch titles to occupy myself with before the big stuff hits - which would only be a few months later anyway. Not to mention the Move patched games that'll also become available.

fooltheman3022d ago

Ruse is launching before Move lounch

iamnsuperman3022d ago

@fooltheman everyone seems to forget about Ruse because it is coming before the Move comes out...I know its not first party but the game plays really well with a controller I can;t wait to see it with the move its going to be like playing it with a mouse

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wages of sin3022d ago

And in no significant numbers, will it be sold. It will be seen as Wii "+" (because it is) and only the sdf; and a limited few, will buy it.

Cevapi883022d ago

you wanna have sex?

this is a legit being super cereal

inbetweener3022d ago

genuinely cracked me up with this

LogicalFanboy3022d ago

ppl who like to use dat phrase as a reason why it may fail may not kno wat kinda + impact dat may have on Move. da Wii is/WAS popular and motion control seem to be big this gen. if ppl get tired of their Wiis collecting dust they just might wanna trade in fo this. dnt underestimate da potential of Move just because its similar to another product, but better.

u wudnt call these failures just cuz they imitate

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Next Generation of Motion Gaming.

Getting Move for RUSE, RE5, Dead Space 2, Heavy Rain, Under Siege, Echocrome 2, Tumble, MAG, Sorcery, Killzone 3, Infamous 2 and a lot more for the Hardcore Catalog of Games.

Another Exclusive PS Move Game incoming:

Ravage273022d ago

i'm really looking forward to playing Ruse with Move after the excellent demo. Move support for LBP2 will be revolutionary, and i can't wait to see what the community can come up with. Last i checked, someone already created a RTS game using LBP2 tools.

matey3022d ago

Lets see oh Black-ops using Wiimote for 1on1 precise IR controls,No Move support because its PANTS even Tigerwoods 11 on wii has best video game golf swing according to EA not MOVE if it were that good why is it getting inferior versions of motion controls on big games.Socom was poor my m8 played it said the controls do not follow ur fast movements were as wiimote IR is perfect devs will tell u this soon enough.

Rainstorm813022d ago

I dispise people like you.....

" why is it getting inferior versions of motion controls on big games.Socom was poor my m8 played it said the controls do not follow ur fast movements"

Your like the kid in school that says.... "Hey i got the new Street fighter but its at my grandmas house"

Yea you dont have it.....just like you dont know anyone who played socom....sigh

kasasensei3022d ago

Largely very positive yes, but no real games, so i will wait a little. :)

iamnsuperman3022d ago

I recommend Ruse the demo was really good...That is really the only thing I am going to play with it at the moment until big games like Socom come out

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